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Case Western Reserve University
English Name: Case Western Reserve University
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: USA
Found Year: 1826
Address: 10900 Euclid Avenue

Case Western Reserve University is one of the leading private research universities in the United States. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, CWRU offers a unique combination of forward-thinking educational opportunities in an inspiring cultural setting. Our leading-edge faculty engage in teaching and research in a collaborative, hands-on environment. CWRU's nationally recognized programs include arts and sciences, dental medicine, engineering, law, management, medicine, nursing, and social work.

The student body includes about 5,100 undergraduate and 6,600 graduate and professional students. Among the university's nearly 2,300 international students are representatives of more than 80 countries. CWRU has more than 110,000 alumni across the U.S. and around the globe.

Case Western Reserve receives approximately $400 million annually in funding for research. Key interdisciplinary research areas identified as priorities in the strategic plan include human health and infectious disease; advanced materials; energy and the environment; exploring the nature of innovation through the study of culture, creativity, and design; and social justice and ethics. The academic interests of the faculty, staff, and students reach every region of the world.

Total Enrollment:8845
           International Students:1254(14%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:4102
           International Students:209(5%)
Graduate Enrollment:4743
           International Students:1045(22%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Aerospace Engineering
           Applied Mathematics
           Art Education
           Art History
           Art Studio
           Artificial Intelligence
           Asian Studies
           Biomedical Engineering
           Chemical Engineering
           Childhood Studies
           Civil Engineering
           Cognitive Science
           Communication Sciences
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Science
           Electrical Engineering
           Engineering Physics
           Environmental Geology
           Environmental Studies
           Ethnic Studies
           Evolutionary Biology
           French and Francophone Studies
           Geological Sciences
           German Studies
           Gerontological Studies
           Health Communication
           History and Philosophy of Science
           International Studies
           Japanese Studies
           Judaic Studies
           Macromolecular Science and Engineering
           Materials Science and Engineering
           Mathematics and Physics
           Mechanical Engineering
           Music Education
           Natural Sciences
           Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism
           Political Science
           Public Policy
           Religious Studies
           Sports Medicine
           Systems and Control Engineering
           Systems Biology
           Teacher Education
           Teacher Licensure
           Undesignated Engineering
           Women's & Gender Studies
           World Literature
Graduate Programs
           Accountancy PhD in Management
           Aerospace Engineering MS, PhD
           Anesthesiologist Assistant MS
           Anthropology MA, PhD
           Applied Anatomy MS
           Art Education MA
           Art History and Museum Studies MA, PhD
           Art History MA, PhD
           Astronomy MS, PhD
           Biochemical Research MS
           Biochemistry MS, PhD
           Bioethics MA, PhD
           Biology MS, PhD
           Biomedical Engineering MS, PhD
           Biomedical Sciences Training Program PhD
           Cell Biology PhD
           Chemical Engineering MS, PhD
           Chemistry MS, PhD
           Civil Engineering MS, PhD
           Clinical Research Scholars Program MS
           Cognitive Linguistics MA
           Communication Science MA, PhD
           Computer Engineering MS, PhD
           Computing and Information Sciences MS, PhD
           Contemporary Dance MFA, MA
           Designing Sustainable Systems PhD in Management
           Electrical Engineering MS, PhD
           Engineering Mechanics MS
           English MA, PhD
           Environmental Health Sciences MS
           Epidemiology and Biostatistics MS, PhD
           French / Modern Languages MA
           Genetic Counseling Training Program MS
           Genetics PhD
           Geological Sciences MS, PhD
           History MA, PhD
           Information Systems PhD in Management
           Macromolecular Science MS, PhD
           Master of Engineering Program ME
           Master of Public Health MPH
           Master’s in Engineering and Management MEM
           Materials Science and Engineering MS, PhD
           Mathematics MS, PhD
           Mathematics, Applied MS, PhD
           Mechanical Engineering MS, PhD
           Medical Physiology MS
           Medical Scientist Training Program  
           Molecular Biology and Microbiology PhD
           Molecular Medicine PhD
           Molecular Virology PhD
           Music Education MA, PhD
           Music History MA
           Music, Early Performance MA, DMA
           Musicology PhD
           Neurosciences PhD
           Nursing PhD
           Nutrition MS, PhD
           Organizational Behavior PhD
           Pathology PhD
           Pharmacology PhD
           Physics MS, PhD
           Physiology and Biophysics MS, PhD
           Political Science MA, PhD
           Psychology PhD
           Public Health Nutrition MS
           Social Welfare PhD
           Sociology PhD
           Statistics MS, PhD
           Systems and Control Engineering MS, PhD
           Systems Biology and Bioinformatics MS, PhD
           Theatre Arts MFA
           World Literature MA

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