Academic Ranking of World Universities

Academic Ranking of World Universities in Natural Sciences and Mathematics - 2010

Institution Country
Score on
1Harvard University100.0 100.0
2University of California, Berkeley94.6 89.2
3University of Cambridge91.3 83.2
4Princeton University91.2 73.4
5California Institute of Technology89.8 39.2
6Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)89.3 71.6
7Stanford University89.0 62.0
8The University of Tokyo74.5 27.7
9Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich72.9 45.3
10Columbia University72.6 50.6
11University of Oxford71.5 45.3
12University of California, Los Angeles71.1 0.0
13University of Chicago70.3 53.1
14Cornell University69.8 35.8
15University of Colorado at Boulder68.6 22.6
16Kyoto University67.4 39.2
17University of Wisconsin - Madison66.5 16.0
18University of California, San Diego65.7 0.0
19University of California, Santa Barbara65.1 0.0
20University of Paris Sud (Paris 11)64.1 42.4
21University of Michigan - Ann Arbor62.4 42.4
22University of Maryland, College Park62.2 27.7
23University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign62.1 16.0
24The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine62.0 0.0
25University of Washington61.8 0.0
25Yale University61.8 22.6
27University of Pennsylvania61.7 32.0
28Pierre and Marie Curie University - Paris 661.4 45.3
29The Johns Hopkins University61.1 27.7
30Northwestern University59.7 0.0
31The University of Texas at Austin58.4 0.0
32University of California, Irvine57.5 0.0
33University of Toronto56.1 0.0
34University of Minnesota, Twin Cities54.5 0.0
35Rice University54.3 22.6
36Texas A&M University - College Station54.2 0.0
37Technical University Munich53.9 57.7
38Utrecht University53.7 35.8
39The Ohio State University - Columbus53.5 0.0
40The Australian National University53.4 0.0
41Tohoku University53.1 32.0
42Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris52.4 76.8
43Georgia Institute of Technology51.9 22.6
44The University of Manchester51.6 22.6
45Pennsylvania State University - University Park51.5 0.0
46University of California, Davis51.4 0.0
46Weizmann Institute of Science51.4 22.6
48University of Munich50.7 32.0
49University College London50.6 27.7
50Nagoya University50.5 39.2
51-75Boston University0.0
51-75Moscow State University69.8
51-75National Taiwan University16.0
51-75Osaka University0.0
51-75Purdue University - West Lafayette0.0
51-75Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick0.0
51-75Stockholm University27.7
51-75Technion-Israel Institute of Technology32.0
51-75The Hebrew University of Jerusalem48.0
51-75The University of Edinburgh0.0
51-75Tokyo Institute of Technology22.6
51-75University of Arizona0.0
51-75University of Bonn35.8
51-75University of Bristol0.0
51-75University of British Columbia0.0
51-75University of California, Santa Cruz0.0
51-75University of Copenhagen16.0
51-75University of Durham0.0
51-75University of Florida22.6
51-75University of Hawaii at Manoa0.0
51-75University of Heidelberg22.6
51-75University of Massachusetts Amherst27.7
51-75University of Pisa16.0
51-75University of Southern California0.0
51-75University of Strasbourg27.7
76-100Aarhus University16.0
76-100Brown University0.0
76-100Carnegie Mellon University22.6
76-100Colorado State University0.0
76-100Duke University22.6
76-100Florida State University0.0
76-100Indiana University Bloomington0.0
76-100Iowa State University0.0
76-100Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble 1)0.0
76-100Lund University16.0
76-100New York University0.0
76-100Seoul National University0.0
76-100State University of New York at Stony Brook0.0
76-100Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne0.0
76-100Tel Aviv University0.0
76-100University of California, Riverside22.6
76-100University of Frankfurt45.3
76-100University of Geneva27.7
76-100University of Houston0.0
76-100University of Mainz0.0
76-100University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill0.0
76-100University of Paris Diderot (Paris 7)0.0
76-100University of Rochester27.7
76-100University of Virginia0.0
76-100University of Wuerzburg39.2

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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