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City University of Hong Kong
English Name: City University of Hong Kong
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: China-hk
Found Year: 1984
Address: 83 Tat Chee Avenue

Since its establishment in 1984, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has provided high quality education to the Hong Kong community and meet the needs of our knowledge-based society.  It has achieved phenomenal growth from a small institution, housed in temporary premises, to a major University with an international reputation for teaching and scholarship, enrolling  students in programmes at levels ranging up through post-doctoral research. CityU offers professional education that prepares its students for the challenges and exciting opportunities opening up in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world in veterinary medicine, business, science and engineering, liberal arts and social sciences, energy and environment, creative media and law. With our world-class teachers, well-developed educational programmes and wide-ranging learning experiences, we prepare our students to become well-rounded young professionals with confidence and competence. We advocate a student-centred learning educational philosophy, emphasizing the achievement of learning outcomes as the real measure of student success. CityU links professional education with applied research. Our research enterprise serves many objectives, including nurturing promising new areas; applying research results to support economic and social development; and informing teaching by scholarship that is conducted at the cutting edge of disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional fields.  We strive to nurture postgraduate research training by broadening students’ academic exposure and through knowledge transfer activities.  We have established University Research Institutes, State Key Laboratories, Research Centres, and Applied Strategic Development Centres to foster interdisciplinary research. We also collaborate closely with industry, producing direct benefits for society in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. CityU has become an international University with links to many high-quality institutions on the mainland and overseas. The University has embraced the philosophy of a broad student mix. We encourage student and staff interactions to create a multi-cultural environment on campus, to enhance students’ exposure to other cultures, and to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking. Through the exchange of faculty and students with mainland and overseas institutions, we form cultural bridges throughout the world and our students develop global perspectives. CityU offers state-of-the-art learning, teaching and research facilities in a high-technology environment to create an ambiance that encourages intellectual curiosity, social interaction, self expression and mutual support.

Total Enrollment:11358
           International Students:1806(16%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:8688
           International Students:663(8%)
Graduate Enrollment:2670
           International Students:1143(43%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accountancy and Law
           Accountancy and Management Information Systems
           Administration and Public Management
           Applied Biology
           Applied Chemistry
           Applied Physics
           Applied Sociology
           Architectural Studies (Full-Time)
           Asian Studies
           Bachelor of Laws with Honours
           Building Engineering (Building Services Engineering)
           Building Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management)
           Building Engineering (Structural and Geotechnical Engineering)
           Business Economics
           Business Management
           China Business
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Science
           Computing Mathematics
           Creative Media
           Creative Media
           Cultural and Heritage Management
           Digital Media Broadcasting
           E-Logistics and Technology Management
           Electronic and Communication Engineering
           Electronic Commerce
           English For Professional Communication
           English For The Professions
           Environmental Policy Studies
           Environmental Science and Management
           Global Business Systems Management
           Human Resources Management
           Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
           Information Engineering
           Information Management
           Integrated Strategic Communication
           International Business - Japan Studies
           International Studies
           Language Studies
           Linguistics and Language Technology
           Management Science
           Managerial Statistics
           Manufacturing Systems Engineering
           Marketing Information Management
           Materials Engineering
           Mechatronic Engineering
           Media and Communication
           Policy Studies and Administration
           Quantitative Finance and Risk Management
           Service Operations Management
           Social Work
           Social Work with Minor In Counselling
           Surveying (Full-Time/Ugc Funded)
           Total Quality Engineering
           Translation and Interpretation
Master's Degree Programs
           Master of Arts In Asian and International Studies
           Master of Arts In Chinese (Chinese Language and Literature/Chinese For Professional Purposes/Chinese For Educational Purposes)
           Master of Arts In Communication and New Media
           Master of Arts In English Studies
           Master of Arts In Global Business Management 
           Master of Arts In Housing Studies
           Master of Arts In Integrated Marketing Communication
           Master of Arts In International Accounting
           Master of Arts In Language Studies (Language & Law / Linguistics / Translation & Interpretation / Translation with Language Information Technology)
           Master of Arts In Media Cultures 
           Master of Arts In Public Policy and Management
           Master of Arts In Quantitative Analysis For Business
           Master of Business Administration
           Master of Business Administration (Executive)
           Master of Fine Arts In Creative Media
           Master of Fine Arts In Creative Writing 
           Master of Laws
           Master of Laws In Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
           Master of Science In Advanced Technology and Management
           Master of Science In Applied Economics
           Master of Science In Applied Mathematics
           Master of Science In Business Information Systems
           Master of Science In Civil and Architectural Engineering (Building Services Cost Management) 
           Master of Science In Civil and Architectural Engineering (Civil Engineering)
           Master of Science In Computer Science
           Master of Science In Electronic and Information Engineering
           Master of Science In Electronic Business and Knowledge Management
           Master of Science In Electronic Commerce
           Master of Science In Energy and Environment 
           Master of Science In Engineering Management
           Master of Science In Environmental Science and Technology
           Master of Science In Finance
           Master of Science In Financial Engineering
           Master of Science In Financial Services
           Master of Science In Information Systems Management
           Master of Science In Marketing
           Master of Science In Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology
           Master of Science In Mathematics For Finance and Actuarial Science
           Master of Science In Multimedia Information Technology
           Master of Science In Operations and Supply Chain Management (Starting From 2012 Intake)
           Master of Science In Organizational and Change Management
           Master of Science In Professional Accounting and Corporate Governance
           Master of Social Sciences In Applied Psychology
           Master of Social Sciences In Applied Sociology
           Master of Social Sciences In Counselling
           Master of Social Sciences In Development Studies
           Master of Social Sciences In Psychology of Education
           Master of Social Sciences In Social Work
           Msc In Construction Management (Construction Project Management)

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