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Czech Technical University in Prague
English Name: Czech Technical University in Prague
Region: Eastern Europe
Country/Region: Czech
Found Year: 1707
Address: Zikova 1905/4

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) is Europe’s oldest technical university. The University was established in 1707 by a decree of Emperor Joseph I. CTU provides high-quality university education through an extensive portfolio of primarily engineering branches of study, conducts basic and applied research and numerous scientific projects with great emphasis on industrial use and applications and closely cooperates with both domestic and foreign-based institutions.

In the academic year 2013/2014, nearly 22 800 students (of which more than 2 500 were international students) studied at CTU, and 2 400 academic workers taught and carried out research at the university. CTU offered 119 accredited bachelor, master and PhD study programmes (48 of that number are study programmes accredited in foreign languages - English) and within the scope of these programmes more than 570 courses (230 courses were in English).

The Organisation

The Czech Technical University in Prague is made up of the institutions stated below:


Faculty of Civil Engineering (

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (

Faculty of Electrical Engineering (

Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (

Faculty of Architecture (

Faculty of Transportation Sciences (

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (

Faculty of Information Technology (


University Institutes

Klokner Institute (

Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (

Institute of Physical Education and Sports (

University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) (

Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics  (


Other constituent parts

Computing and Information Centre (

Inovacentrum - Technology and Innovation Centre (

Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (

Central Library Service Facilities


Service facilities

Rector’s Office (

Service Facility Administration Centre (

CTU Publishing House (Česká technika) (


System and organisation of studies

Bachelor programmes

Standard time 3 - 4 years, full-time only, shorter form of university education. The graduates receive a Bachelor’s degree (Bc.), have theoretical and practical expertise required for technical-level jobs in industry, at institutions and schools, as well as in trade and services. They are also well prepared for further studies.

Master programmes

Standard time 18 months - 3 years, full-time or combined form. The programme in the first (usually four) semesters is identical for all students, the next stage is branch-specific programmes. The number of compulsory and optional subjects in the branch-specific programmes is growing significantly. The graduates receive an “Ing.” degree (“Ing. Arch.” at the Faculty of Architecture and for students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering majoring in Architecture and Civil Engineering).

PhD programmes

Standard time 3 - 4 years, designed for Master programme graduates, a higher and more demanding type of studies. Students are prepared for the most challenging tasks posed by applied science and industrial practice. The programme ends with PhD state exams and dissertation defence through which the PhD students prove their aptitude for independent and creative scientific work. The graduates receive a PhD degree.

International Contacts and Co-operation

The University is a member of several international non-government institutions, including EAU (Association of European Universities), CESAER (Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education), SEFI (Conference Européenne pour la Formation des Ingenieurs), IAU (International Association of Universities), and more. The membership in these organisations makes it possible to share experience with other universities and improve the quality of international projects and initiatives.

CTU takes part in several EU programmes, including TEMPUS, Leonardo da Vinci and SOCRATES (now called Life-long Learning Programme), JEAN MONNET, ERASMUS-MUNDUS, CEEPUS, as well a large number of science & research programmes, including the 7th and 8th Framework Programmes, the EU’s most extensive science & technology programmes. The University also offers numerous international programmes, such as programmes organised by NATO, UNESCO, the Visegrad Fund, etc., as well as bilateral contacts based on intergovernmental agreements.

CTU in Prague has 120 agreements on bilateral cooperation with universities and colleges from more than 32 countries that formulate the terms and conditions of joint projects in education, research and development, as well as the terms and conditions of exchanging students, teachers and researchers.

Science and Research

Research and development work bears relevance to the University’s curricula, especially its PhD and Master programmes. CTU performs both basic and applied research, including transfer of technologies to industrial use, maintains a firm position within the European research and education area and cooperates with major partners worldwide. Performed at the respective faculties as well as in the other constituent parts, research work is supported by the respective components of the CTU Rectorate. CTU has an efficient infrastructure able to cover the entire process, from basic research to the transfer of results to industrial use. The University’s science & research capacity is funded by a large number of grants, as well as through research and development projects performed for industrial partners.

Altogether four research centres have been established at CTU within programmes sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: combustion engines and automobiles (Josef Božek Centre); mechanical engineering and production technology; applied cybernetics; and integrated design of progressive civil structures.

CTU is profiled as a prestigious technical university that puts a great emphasis on high-quality scientific and research work with the objective of being seen as an important member of the European research and education area.

Students Organisation

The CTU Student Union is an independent civic association for proactive use of leisure time and further education of CTU students. The Union’s activities include organisation of music festivals, proms ad other entertainment events, organisation of popular and educational presentations, sports events and language courses, job opportunities for students, as well as consulting and representation of students in communications with the Service Facility. The CTU Student Union enables students to make their dreams come true, organise events, have fun, travel, create new things, relax, learn new things, do sports and much more.


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