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Eindhoven University of Technology
English Name: Eindhoven University of Technology
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: Netherlands
Found Year: 1956
Address: De Rondom 70

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research-driven and design-oriented technology university of international allure. Its focus is coherent education, research and knowledge valorization in the field of engineering science & technology. In the education area TU/e educates engineers (Master of Science) that have a solid scientific basis and depth as well as the competences required to succeed in a wide range of societal sectors and jobs. In addition, TU/e educates designers (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) and researchers (Doctor of Philosophy) as well as academically trained science teachers (Master of Science).In the research area TU/e prefers to focus on those fields of engineering science & technology in which it can play a significant role in the international scientific world (science for science) and where it can provide meaningful impulses to solving the major societal issues (science for society) and strengthen knowledge-intensive industry (science for industry).Fundamental research spurred on by fascination provides the requisite basis for more applied research. In the field of knowledge valorization TU/e is committed to ensuring that its research results are translated into successful innovations and new companies. TU/e encourages students and staff to be entrepreneurial. The quality of the education and research complies with high international standards. TU/e offers both students and staff an international and academic, intellectually stimulating, climate of study and work. This inspires broad personal development, societal and cultural engagement as well as an entrepreneurial outlook. On its campus TU/e encourages the location and cooperation of higher education institutions, research institutes and (new) high-tech enterprises. The campus is developing into a TU/e Science Park of national significance and international allure. TU/e profiles itself as a leading international university specializing in engineering science & technology whose top-level education and research contribute to:

• progress in the engineering sciences,

• the development of technological innovations and, thereby,

• the solution of major societal issues and the growth of welfare and prosperity.

It is, therefore, the engine of the regional knowledge economy. In brief, TU/e is the university where innovation starts

Total Enrollment:8867
           International Students:1296(15%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:4839
           International Students:96(2%)
Graduate Enrollment:4028
           International Students:1200(30%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Mathematics
           Applied Physics
           Architecture, Building and Planning
           Biomedical Engineering
           Chemical Engineering
           Computer Science & Engineering
           Electrical Engineering
           Industrial Design
           Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
           Innovation Sciences
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Sciences and Engineering
           Psychology & Technology
           Software Science
           Sustainable Innovation
           Web Science
Master's Degree Programs
           Applied Physics
           Architecture, Building and Planning
           Automotive Technology
           Biomedical Engineering
           Broadband Telecommunication Technology
           Building Services
           Business Information Systems
           Care and Cure
           Chemical Engineering
           Complex Molecular Systems
           Computer Science and Engineering
           Construction Management and Engineering
           Eit Embedded Systems
           Eit Service Design and Engineering
           Electrical Engineering
           Embedded Systems
           Fluid and Solid Mechanics
           Human-Technology Interaction
           Industrial and Applied Mathematics
           Industrial Design
           Information Security Technology
           Innovation Management
           Innovation Sciences
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Engineering
           Operations Management & Logistics
           Regenerative Medicine and Technology
           Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion
           Science Education and Communication
           Sustainable Energy Technology
           Systems and Control

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