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Hokkaido University
English Name: Hokkaido University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1876
Address: Kita 8, Nishi 5, Kita-ku
Website: http://

Hokkaido University was founded in 1876 as Sapporo Agricultural College and gained its current name in 1947. We are a comprehensive university with 12 undergraduate schools, 21 graduate schools and 23 research institutes/centers with about 18600 students from over 90  countries/regions, and about 2100 academics. We have two campuses in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan: the 1.7 square kilometer main campus in Sapporo, the 5th largest city, and the other in Hakodate City. We have been promoting internationalization through various programs such as Nitobe College and Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative.

The alumni in the university’s history of more than 140 years include the following: Kanzo Uchimura, writer and intellectual in Meiji era (Class of 1880); Inazo Nitobe, author of Bushido, League of Nations Undersecretary-General (Class of 1881); Takeo Arishima, novelist and essayist (Class of 1900); Akira Ifukube, composer of classical music and film music including Godzilla (Class of 1935); Ryuzo Yanagimachi, biologist, pioneer of assisted fertilization technologies (BSc in 1953, DSc in 1960); Akira Suzuki, emeritus professor of Hokkaido University, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 2010 (BSc in 1954, MSc in 1956, and DSc in 1960); Yuichiro Miura, alpinist, reached the summit of Mt. Everest at the age of 75 (Class of 1956); Mamoru Mohri, scientist and Japan’s first astronaut (BSc in 1970 and MSc in 1972).

Total Enrollment:17645
           International Students:758(4%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:11610
           International Students:98(1%)
Graduate Enrollment:6035
           International Students:660(11%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Agricultural Economics
           Agricultural Engineering Professions
           Application of Science and Engineering Majors
           Application of Veterinary Science
           Applied Life Sciences Professions
           Biological Function of Chemical Professions
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Science
           Cause of Morbid Resolve To Learn
           Civil Law
           Clinical Veterinary Medicine
           Criminal Law
           Developmental Aging Teeth Science
           Earth Sciences
           Educational Foundation Theory
           Educational Psychology
           Environment and Social Engineering Professions
           Etiology and Pathology
           Forest Science
           Health and Body Structural Analysis
           Health and Physical Education
           Health Body Functional Analysis
           Information and Electronic Professions
           Livestock Science
           Marine Biological Sciences
           Marine Resources Science
           Occlusal Reconstruction
           Oral and Maxillofacial Face Surgery
           Oral Diagnosis
           Oral Health Science
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Political Science
           Proliferation and Life Sciences
           Public Law
           Resource Function of Chemistry
           Social Law and Labor Law
           Teaching Social Sciences
           Teeth Reconstruction
           The Basis of Law
           The Mechanical Knowledge Learned Professions
           The Science of Biological Resources
Graduate Programs
           Accounting Information
           Animal Disease Control
           Applied Biosciences
           Applied Physics
           Basic Law
           Bioresource Sciences
           Biosphere Science
           Biosphere Science
           Catalysis Basic Research
           Catalytic Target Research
           Cause of Disease
           Centers For Disease Control
           Central Eurasian Studies
           Cold Laps Integrated Science
           Cold Ocean Circles Sciences
           Cold Terrestrial Science
           Comparative Law
           Comparative Morphology Kinesiology
           Composite Informatics
           Computer Science
           Cooperation Medicine
           Developmental Education Clinical Theory
           Developmental Education Programs
           Diagnosis and Treatment
           Digital Directory
           Earth Circles Sciences
           Earth Sphere Science
           Eastern Europe Studies
           Education Theory of Social Programs
           Electronic Functional Elements
           Electronic Information Processing
           Electronic Material Properties
           Electronic Measurement Control
           Energy and Environmental Systems
           Environment Creation Engineering
           Environmental Circulatory System
           Environmental Resources
           Environmental Science
           Environmental Science of Matter
           Environmental Science of Matter
           Environmental Studies
           Environmental Veterinary Science
           Geographical Comparison
           Graduate School of Aquatic Sciences
           Health and Science
           Health and Sports Education
           History of Natural Science
           History Regional Culture
           Human Systems Science
           Ideological and Cultural Studies
           Information Electronics Professions
           Information Network
           Internal Medicine
           International Media
           International Multicultural Education
           International Policy
           Language and Literature
           Language Communication Theory
           Large-Scale Computing Systems
           Life Molecular
           Life Science
           Life Science
           Life Science of Human Information
           Life Systems Science
           Low-Temperature Basic Science
           Marine Applications Life Sciences
           Materials Science
           Mechanical Universe Engineering
           Media Education
           Media Network Professions
           Modern Economic Operators
           Modern Law
           Molecular Chemistry
           Morbid State
           Nanotechnology Research Center
           Natural History
           Oral Health Science
           Oral Kinesiology
           Oral Pathology
           Organic Process Engineering
           Prion Diseases
           Professional Medicine
           Public Management
           Quantum Science
           Quantum Science
           Quantum Science and Technology
           Russian Studies
           School Systems Development Theory
           Siberia Far East Studies
           Social Medicine
           Space Performance System
           Substance Chemical
           Substance Chemistry
           Symbiotic Basics
           System Information Science
           Technology Policy
           The Biological Function Polymer Science
           The Building Urban Space Design
           The Field of Environment Engineering
           The Human Mechanical Systems Design
           The Northern Circle Environmental Policy Engineering
           The Science of The Living Marine Resources
           Tourist Creation
           Universe Science
           Universe Science

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