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Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble 1)
English Name: Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble 1)
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: France
Found Year: 2016
Address: 621, avenue Centrale, Domaine universitaire de St Martin d'Hères, CS 40700

A public university offering high-quality training in all disciplines, the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is located in Grenoble: a centre of innovation in the French Alps.

The university enrolls about 45,000 students annually in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and short-stay/certificate programs. Particularly strong in the sciences and technology, the UGA has developed a number of innovative masters programs to meet the needs of the global job market. We also offer degree programs taught in English. All International Masters students have the option of taking French language courses.

The UGA enjoys strong ties to Grenoble’s thriving international business community and large-scale research centres. Students interested in research-based programs can take advantage of the expertise at the 106 research departments, working with top scientists in all fields. The university also works closely with large-scale international research facilities in Grenoble such the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) or the neutron source of the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL).
Students interested in international business, technology, research and development will also find that the UGA is a great place to study. We offer business programs specifically for international populations, innovative programs that combine business, technology, and project management skills, internships and work placements that combine theoretical with real-world knowledge.

International students and researchers will also find living, working, and studying in Grenoble a pleasant and welcoming experience. The city is very international, with both short- and long-term residents from all over the world. Visiting researchers and international students contribute to Grenoble’s international, cosmopolitan culture.

In addition, the UGA offers a wide variety of campus services for international students and scholars. Help is available in a variety of languages for newcomers seeking help with visas and residence permits, finding housing, learning French, or finding part-time work or a job for a spouse or partner. The university houses a world-renowned centre for the teaching of French as a foreign language: the CUEF de Grenoble. Classes are available at all levels and for students in all disciplines; in many cases French language courses are included free of charge as a part of an international degree program.

Finally, Grenoble enjoys an incomparable natural setting and a lively cultural and social life. The alpine mountain setting is perfect for sports lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Excellent public transportation and over 320 km of bike paths make day-to-day life simple and pleasant. The city itself is routinely voted among the top three student cities in France in an annual student poll. And, of course, Grenoble participates in France’s good life, offering history, culture, cuisine, art, music, and more.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           and Mechanical Engineering
           Chemistry and Processes
           Computing and Applied Mathematics
           Earth Sciences and Environment
           Geography and Planning
           Natural Sciences
           Physics and Electrical Engineering
Master's Degree Programs
           Aging, and Technology Companies
           Business School Education
           Chemistry and Processes
           Earth Sciences and Environment
           Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control, Signal Processing
           Engineering For Health and Medicine
           Engineering of Cognition, and The Creation of Learning
           Engineering, Traceability and Sustainability
           Mathematics, Computer
           Mechanical, Energy and Engineering
           Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies
           Science of The Territory
           Sports, Health, Society
Engineering Degree Programs
           Computer and Industrial Instrumentation
           Computer Networks and Multimedia Communication
           Electronics and Computer Industry
           Information Technology For Health
           Risk Prevention
Doctoral Programs
           Chemistry and Life Science
           Earth, Universe, Environment
           Electronics, Electrical, Automation & Signal Processing
           Health Engineering, Cognition, Environment
           Humanities, The Policy and Planning
           Legal Sciences
           Materials Engineering Mechanical Energy Environment Production Processes
           Mathematics, Science and Information Technology, Computer

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