Academic Ranking of World Universities

University College London
English Name: University College London
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: UK
Found Year: 1826
Address: Gower Street

University College London (UCL) is one of the world's top universities. Based in the heart of London, it is a modern, outward-looking institution. At its establishment in 1826, UCL was radical and responsive to the needs of society, and this ethos – that excellence should go hand-in-hand with enriching society – continues today. UCL opened up university education in England to those who had been excluded from it. In 1878, it became the first university in England to admit women students on equal terms with men. Academic excellence and conducting research that addresses real-world problems inform our ethos to this day and our plans for the future.


UCL's excellence extends across all academic disciplines; from one of Europe's largest and most productive hubs for biomedical science interacting with several leading London hospitals, to world-renowned centres for architecture (UCL Bartlett) and fine art (UCL Slade School).

UCL is in practice a university in its own right, although constitutionally a college within the federal University of London. With an annual turnover exceeding £1 billion, it is financially and managerially independent of the University of London.



The UCL community                                                                                                                                                     

UCL's staff and former students have included 29 Nobel prizewinners. It is a truly international community: more than one-third of our student body – more than 35,000 strong – come from 150 countries and nearly one-third of staff are from outside the UK.


UCL offers postgraduate research opportunities in all of its subjects, and provides more than 200 undergraduate programmes and more than 400 taught postgraduate programmes. Approximately 54% of the student community is engaged in graduate studies, with about 29% of these graduate students pursuing research degrees.


Quality of UCL's teaching and learning

UCL has the best academic to student ratio in the UK (1:10), enabling small class sizes and outstanding individual support (Times 2013).

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF2014, published in December 2014) – a new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions – UCL was rated the top university in the UK for ‘research power’ (the overall quality of its submission multiplied by the number of FTE researchers submitted). It was rated top not only in the overall results, but in each of the assessed components: publications and other research outputs; research environment; and research impact.


REF2014 confirmed UCL’s multidisciplinary research strength, with many leading performances across subject areas ranging from biomedicine, science and engineering and the built environment to laws, social sciences and arts and humanities.



UCL is proud of its longstanding commitment to equality and to providing a learning, working and social environment in which the rights and dignity of its diverse members are respected.


Location and working environment

Based in Bloomsbury, UCL is a welcoming, inclusive university situated at the heart of one of the world's greatest cities. UCL's central campus is spread across approximately three square kilometres of central London.


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Total Enrollment:19673
           International Students:7203(37%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:12282
           International Students:3795(31%)
Graduate Enrollment:7391
           International Students:3408(46%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Ancient History and Egyptology BA 3 Years
           Ancient History BA 3 Years
           Ancient World BA 3 Years
           Ancient World with a Year Abroad BA 4 Years
           Anthropology BSc 3 Years
           Anthropology with a Year Abroad BSc 4 Years
           Archaeology and Anthropology BA 3 Years
           Archaeology BA 3 Years
           Archaeology BSc 3 Years
           Archaeology with a Year Abroad BA 4 Years
           Architecture BSc 3 Years
           Arts and Sciences BASc 3 Years
           Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 Years
           Astrophysics BSc 3 Years
           Astrophysics MSci 4 Years
           Biochemical Engineering BEng 3 Years
           Biochemical Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Biochemical Engineering with Bioprocess Management MEng 4 Years
           Biochemical Engineering with Study Abroad MEng 4 Years
           Biochemical with Chemical Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Biochemistry BSc 3 Years
           Biological Sciences (International Programme) MSci 4 Years
           Biological Sciences BSc 3 Years
           Biological Sciences MSci 4 Years
           Biomedical Sciences BSc 3 Years
           Bioprocessing of New Medicine (Business and Management) BSc 3 Years
           Bioprocessing of New Medicine (Science and Engineering) BSc 3 Years
           Biotechnology BSc 3 Years
           Bulgarian and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Chemical Engineering BEng 3 Years
           Chemical Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad MEng 4 Years
           Chemical Physics BSc 3 Years
           Chemical Physics MSci 4 Years
           Chemical with Biochemical Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Chemistry (International Programme) MSci 4 Years
           Chemistry BSc 3 Years
           Chemistry MSci 4 Years
           Chemistry with a European Language BSc 3 Years
           Chemistry with a European Language MSci 4 Years
           Chemistry with Management Studies BSc 3 Years
           Chemistry with Management Studies MSci 4 Years
           Chemistry with Mathematics BSc 3 Years
           Chemistry with Mathematics MSci 4 Years
           Civil Engineering (International Programme) MEng 4 Years
           Civil Engineering BEng 3 Years
           Civil Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation BA 3 Years
           Classics BA 3 Years
           Classics with Study Abroad BA 4 Years
           Computer Science (International Programme) MEng 4 Years
           Computer Science BSc 3 Years
           Computer Science MEng 4 Years
           Czech (with Slovak) and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Dutch BA 4 Years
           Earth Sciences (International Programme) MSci 4 Years
           Earth Sciences BSc 3 Years
           Earth Sciences MSci 4 Years
           Economics and Business with East European Studies BA 3 Years
           Economics and Business with East European Studies with a Year Abroad BA 4 Years
           Economics and Geography BSc (Econ) 3 Years
           Economics and Statistics BSc (Econ) 3 Years
           Economics BSc (Econ) 3 Years
           Economics with a Year Abroad BSc (Econ) 4 Years
           Egyptian Archaeology BA 3 Years
           Electronic and Electrical Engineering (International Programme) MEng 4 Years
           Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng 3 Years
           Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Electronic Engineering with Communications Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Electronic Engineering with Computer Science MEng 4 Years
           Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology MEng 4 Years
           Engineering with Business Finance BEng 3 Years
           Engineering with Business Finance MEng 4 Years
           English and German Law (double degree) LLB/Bacc. Legum 4 Years
           English BA 3 Years
           Environmental Engineering (International Programme) MEng 4 Years
           Environmental Engineering BEng 3 Years
           Environmental Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Environmental Geography BSc 3 Years
           Environmental Geoscience BSc 3 Years
           Environmental Geoscience MSci 4 Years
           European Social and Political Studies BA 4 Years
           European Social and Political Studies: Dual Degree BA 4 Years
           Fine Art BA 4 Years
           Fine Art BFA 3 Years
           Finnish and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           French and an Asian or African Language BA 4 Years
           French BA 4 Years
           Geography (International Programme) BA 4 Years
           Geography (International Programme) BSc 4 Years
           Geography BA 3 Years
           Geography BSc 3 Years
           Geology BSc 3 Years
           Geology MSci 4 Years
           Geophysics BSc 3 Years
           Geophysics MSci 4 Years
           German and History BA 4 Years
           German BA 4 Years
           Greek with Latin BA 3 Years
           Hebrew and Jewish Studies BA 4 Years
           Hispanic Studies BA 4 Years
           History (Central and East European) and Jewish Studies BA 4 Years
           History and Philosophy of Science BSc 3 Years
           History BA 3 Years
           History BA 3 Years
           History of Art BA 3 Years
           History of Art with Material Studies BA 3 Years
           History with a European Language BA 4 Years
           History with a Year Abroad BA 4 Years
           History with a Year Abroad BA 4 Years
           History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science BSc 3 Years
           Human Sciences BSc 3 Years
           Hungarian and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Icelandic BA 4 Years
           Information Management for Business BSc 3 Years
           Information Management for Business MSci 4 Years
           Italian BA 4 Years
           Jewish History BA 4 Years
           Language and Culture BA 4 Years
           Latin American Studies BA 4 Years
           Latin with Greek BA 3 Years
           Law LLB 3 Years
           Law with Advanced Studies LLB 4 Years
           Law with Another Legal System LLB 4 Years
           Law with French Law LLB 4 Years
           Law with German Law LLB 4 Years
           Law with Hispanic Law LLB 4 Years
           Linguistics (International Programme) BA 4 Years
           Linguistics BA 3 Years
           Mathematical Computation MEng 4 Years
           Mathematics and Physics BSc 3 Years
           Mathematics and Physics MSci 4 Years
           Mathematics and Statistical Science BSc 3 Years
           Mathematics and Statistical Science MSci 4 Years
           Mathematics BSc 3 Years
           Mathematics MSci 4 Years
           Mathematics with Economics BSc 3 Years
           Mathematics with Economics MSci 4 Years
           Mathematics with Management Studies BSc 3 Years
           Mathematics with Management Studies MSci 4 Years
           Mathematics with Mathematical Physics BSc 3 Years
           Mathematics with Mathematical Physics MSci 4 Years
           Mathematics with Modern Languages BSc 3 Years
           Mathematics with Modern Languages MSci 4 Years
           Mechanical Engineering BEng 3 Years
           Mechanical Engineering MEng 4 Years
           Medical Physics MSci 4 Years
           Medicinal Chemistry BSc 3 Years
           Medicinal Chemistry MSci 4 Years
           Medicine MB,BS 6 Years
           Modern Language Plus BA 4 Years
           Modern Languages BA 4 Years
           Natural Sciences BSc 3 Years
           Natural Sciences MSci 4 Years
           Neuroscience BSc 3 Years
           Neuroscience MSci 4 Years
           Pharmacology BSc 3 Years
           Pharmacology MSci 4 Years
           Philosophy and Economics BA 3 Years
           Philosophy and Greek BA 3 Years
           Philosophy and History of Art BA 3 Years
           Philosophy BA 3 Years
           Physics BSc 3 Years
           Physics MSci 4 Years
           Physics with Medical Physics BSc 3 Years
           Polish and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Politics and East European Studies BA 3 Years
           Politics and East European Studies with a Year Abroad BA 4 Years
           Project Management for Construction (Sandwich) BSc 4 Years
           Project Management for Construction BSc 3 Years
           Psychology BSc 3 Years
           Romanian and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Russian and History BA 4 Years
           Russian Studies BA 4 Years
           Russian with an East European Language BA 4 Years
           Scandinavian Studies and History BA 4 Years
           Scandinavian Studies BA 4 Years
           Science and Society BSc 3 Years
           Serbian/Croatian and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Slovak (with Czech) and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Statistical Science (International Programme) MSci 4 Years
           Statistics and Management for Business BSc 3 Years
           Statistics BSc 3 Years
           Statistics, Economics and a Language BSc 3 Years
           Statistics, Economics and Finance BSc 3 Years
           Theoretical Physics BSc 3 Years
           Theoretical Physics MSci 4 Years
           Ukrainian and East European Studies BA 4 Years
           Urban Planning, Design and Management BSc 3 Years
           Urban Studies BSc 3 Years
           Viking Studies BA 4 Years
Postgraduate Research Programs
           Archive studies
           Art history
           Arts and humanities
           Audiovestibular medicine
           Biochemical engineering
           Biomedical engineering
           Brain and mind sciences
           Built environment
           Cancer science
           Cell biology
           Chemical engineering
           Child health
           Civil engineering
           Classical World
           Climate physics
           Coastal science
           Cognitive Neuroscience
           Comparative literature
           Computational neuroscience
           Computational science
           Computer science
           Conservation (archaeological)
           Construction management
           Crime science
           Data communications
           Dental health
           Dental sciences
           Developmental biology
           Earth sciences
           Earthquake engineering
           East European studies
           Electrical engineering
           Electronic engineering
           English language
           English literature
           Environmental design
           Environmental engineering
           Environmental studies
           European history
           European studies
           Exercise medicine
           Eye sciences
           Fetal medicine
           Film studies
           Financial computing
           Fine art
           Fluid mechanics
           Gender studies
           Geographic information science
           Geological sciences
           Geomatic engineering
           Global health
           Golden Age – Dutch
           Golden Age – Spanish
           Health informatics
           Hearing sciences
           Heritage studies
           Hispanic studies
           Historical sciences
           History of art
           History of medicine
           History of science
           Holocaust studies
           Human evolution
           Human rights
           Human-computer interaction
           Hydrographic surveying
           Infection and Immunity
           Information security
           Information studies
           Intelligent systems
           Intercultural studies
           Israeli studies
           Jewish studies
           Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science
           Language communication
           Language therapy
           Latin American studies
           Legal theory
           Library studies
           Life sciences
           Linguistics – English
           Low Countries studies
           Management science and innovation
           Marine engineering
           Material culture
           Materials science
           Mathematical sciences
           Mathematics in the life sciences
           Mechanical engineering
           Medical education
           Medical imaging
           Medical physics
           Medieval literature
           Medieval studies
           Mental health sciences
           Molecular biology 
           Molecular cell biology
           Molecular medicine
           Molecular modelling
           Molecular pathology
           Musculoskeletal Science
           Museum studies
           Natural hazards
           Naval architecture
           Nuclear medicine
           Philosophy of science
           Physical sciences
           Physics in the life sciences
           Physiotherapy (Cardiorespiratory)
           Planetary science
           Population sciences
           Power systems engineering
           Prenatal genetics
           Primary care
           Process engineering
           Psychiatric studies
           Psychoanalytic studies
           Public health
           Public Policy
           Quaternary science
           Radiation biology
           Radiation physics
           Records management
           Remote sensing
           Renaissance studies
           Russian studies
           Satellite communications
           Scandinavian studies
           Science technology and policy studies
           Sexually transmitted infections
           Slade School of Fine Art
           Slavonic studies
           Social sciences
           Software systems engineering
           Space physics
           Space science
           Spacecraft technology
           Spatial analysis
           Speech science
           Speech therapy
           Speech, language, cognition
           Sports medicine
           Statistical science
           Structural engineering
           Surgical science
           Systems engineering
           Technology entrepreneurship
           Technology studies
           Terrorism (countering)
           Tissue engineering
           Town planning
           Translation studies
           Travel Medicine
           Urban studies
           Virtual environments
           Vision sciences
           Voice pathology
           Womens’ Health
Postgraduate Taught Courses
           Adaptive Architecture and Computation-MRes
           Adaptive Architecture and Computation-MSc
           Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry-Postgraduate Certificate
           Advanced Architectural Studies-MSc
           Advanced Audiology-MSc
           Advanced High Energy Physics-MSc
           Advanced Neuroimaging-MSc
           Advanced Physiotherapy: Cardiorespiratory-MSc
           Advanced Physiotherapy: Paediatrics-MSc
           Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation-MRes
           Ancient History-MA
           Anthropology, Environment and Development-MSc
           Applied Paediatric Neuropsychology-MSc
           Aquatic Science-MSc
           Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East-MA
           Archaeology-Graduate Diploma
           Architectural Design-MArch
           Architectural History-MA
           Archives and Records Management-MA
           Artefact Studies-MA
           Audiological Science-MSc
           Audiology for ENT Practice-MSc
           Audiovestibular Medicine-MSc
           Biochemical Engineering-MSc
           Biology of Vision-MSc
           Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering-MSc
           Biomedical Sciences-MSc
           Brain and Mind Sciences-MSc
           Building and Urban Design in Development-MSc
           Built Environment: Environmental Design and Engineering-MSc
           Built Environment: Heritage Science-MRes
           Built Environment: Sustainable Heritage-MSc
           Cell and Gene Therapy-MSc
           Central and South-East European Studies-MA
           Chemical Process Engineering-MSc
           Chemical Research-MSc
           Child and Adolescent Mental Health-MSc
           Civil Engineering-MSc
           Climate Change-MSc
           Clinical and Experimental Medicine: Drug Discovery-MRes
           Clinical and Experimental Medicine: Drug Discovery-MSc
           Clinical and Experimental Medicine: Translational Clinical Science-MRes
           Clinical and Experimental Medicine: Translational Clinical Science-MSc
           Clinical and Public Health Nutrition-MSc
           Clinical Biochemistry-MSc
           Clinical Neurology-MSc
           Clinical Neurology-Postgraduate Diploma
           Clinical Neuroscience-MSc
           Clinical Ophthalmology-MSc
           Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychology-MSc
           Cognitive and Decision Sciences-MSc
           Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children and Young People-Certificate/Diploma/MSc
           Cognitive Neuroscience-MSc
           Communications Research: Internet Engineering Research-MSc
           Communications Research: Technologies for Broadband Communications Research-MSc
           Communications Research: Telecommunications Research-MSc
           Comparative Art and Archaeology-MA
           Comparative Business Economics-MA
           Comparative Literature-MA
           Computational Statistics and Machine Learning-MSc
           Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging-MSc
           Computer Science-MSc
           Conservation for Archaeology and Museums-MSc
           Conservative Dentistry-MSc
           Construction Economics and Management-MSc
           Contemporary Italian Culture and History: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism-MSc
           Crime Analysis (distance learning)-Postgraduate Certificate
           Crime Analysis-Postgraduate Diploma
           Crime Detection-Postgraduate Certificate
           Crime Prevention and Community Safety-Postgraduate Diploma
           Cultural Heritage Studies-MA
           Culture and Health-MSc
           Culture, Materials and Design-MA
           Democracy and Democratisation-MSc
           Dental Public Health-MSc
           Dental Sedation and Pain Management-Postgraduate Certificate
           Development Administration and Planning-MSc
           Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology-MSc
           Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice-MSc
           Digital Anthropology-MSc
           Digital Humanities-MA/MSc
           Drug Design-MSc
           Dutch Golden Age-MA
           Dutch Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management-MSc
           East European Studies-MRes
           Economic Policy-MSc
           Economy, State and Society: Economics and Business-MA (International)
           Economy, State and Society: Nation, History and Society-MA (International)
           Economy, State and Society: Politics and Security-MA (International)
           Egyptian Archaeology-MA
           Electronic Communication and Publishing-MA
           Endodontic Practice-Postgraduate Diploma
           Endodontology (Advanced Training)-MClinDent
           Energy and Resources: Policy and Practice-MSc
           English Linguistics-MA
           English: Issues in Modern Culture-MA
           English: Shakespeare in History-MA
           Environment and Sustainable Development-MSc
           Environment, Science and Society-MSc
           Environmental Archaeology-MSc
           Environmental Mapping-MSc
           Environmental Modelling-MSc
           Environmental Systems Engineering-MSc
           European Culture-MA
           European History-MA
           European Medical Physics-MSc
           European Public Policy-MSc
           European Society (Research): European Studies-MA
           European Society: European Studies-MA
           European Thought (Research): European Studies-MA
           European Thought: European Studies-MA
           Evidence-Based Healthcare-MSc
           Facility and Environment Management-MSc
           Film Studies-MA
           Financial Computing-MSc
           Financial Systems Engineering-MSc
           Fine Art-MA
           Fine Art-MFA
           Forensic Archaeological Science-MSc
           French and Francophone Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Gender, Society and Representation (Research Pathway)-MA
           Gender, Society and Representation-MA
           Genetics of Human Disease-MSc
           Geographic Information Science-MSc
           Geophysical Hazards-MSc
           Geospatial Analysis-MSc
           German History: Language, Culture and History-MA
           German Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology-MSc
           Global Governance and Ethics-MSc
           Global Health and Development-MSc
           Global Health and Development: tropEd programme-MSc
           Global Migration-MSc
           Haemoglobinopathy (by distance learning)-MSc
           Health and Medical Sciences-MSc
           Health and Society: Social Epidemiology-MSc
           Health Informatics-MSc
           Health Psychology-MSc
           Healthcare Associated Infection Control-MSc/PG Dip
           Hebrew and Jewish Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Hispanic Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           History (SSEES)-MA
           History of Art-MA
           History of Medicine-MA
           History of Political Thought and Intellectual History-MA
           History of Science, Medicine and Technology-MSc
           Holocaust Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Human Evolution and Behaviour-MSc
           Human Rights-MA
           Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics-MSc
           Hydrographic Surveying-MSc
           Identity, Culture and Power-MA
           Implant Dentistry-Postgraduate Diploma
           Infection and Immunity-MSc
           Information Science-MSc
           Information Security-MSc
           Institutions, Development and Globalisation-MA
           International Child Health-MSc
           International Health-MSc (European)
           International Planning-MSc
           International Public Policy-MSc
           International Real Estate and Planning-MSc
           Internet Engineering-MSc
           Italian Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Jewish History: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Language Sciences (with specialisation in Language Development)-MSc
           Language Sciences (with specialisation in Linguistics with Neuroscience)-MSc
           Language Sciences (with specialisation in Speech and Hearing Sciences)-MSc
           Late Antique and Byzantine Studies-MA
           Legal and Political Theory-MA
           Library and Information Studies-MA
           Library, Archive and Information Studies-MRes
           Light and Lighting-MSc
           Linguistics with specialisation in Phonology-MRes
           Linguistics with specialisation in Pragmatics-MRes
           Linguistics with specialisation in Syntax-MRes
           Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Interventions-Postgraduate Diploma
           Machine Learning-MSc
           Management Science and Innovation-MRes
           Managing Archaeological Sites-MA
           Marine Engineering-MSc
           Material and Visual Culture-MA
           Materials for Energy and Environment-MSc
           Mathematical Modelling-MSc
           Mechanical Engineering-MSc
           Medical Anthropology-MSc
           Medical Education-Certificate/Diploma/MSc
           Medical Image Computing-MSc
           Medical Mycology-MSc
           Medieval and Renaissance Studies-MA
           Mega Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery-MSc
           Modelling Biological Complexity-MRes
           Modern European Studies (Research): European Studies-MA
           Modern European Studies: European Studies-MA
           Modern Israeli Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Modernity, Space and Place-MSc
           Molecular Medicine-MSc
           Molecular Modelling and Materials Science-MRes
           Musculoskeletal Science (by Distance Learning)-MSc
           Musculoskeletal Science-MSc
           Museum Studies-MA
           Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine-MSc
           Natural Hazards for Insurers-Postgraduate Certificate
           Naval Architecture-MSc
           Networked Computer Systems-MSc
           Neurology for Clinical Trainees-MSc
           Neuroscience, Language and Communication-MSc
           Ophthalmology: Cataract and Refractive Surgery-MSc
           Ophthalmology: Retina-MSc
           Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery-MSc
           Oral Medicine-MSc
           Oral Surgery (Advanced Training)-MClinDent
           Oral Surgery-MClinDent
           Orthodontics (Advanced Training)-MClinDent
           Paediatric Dentistry-Postgraduate Certificate
           Paediatrics and Child Health: Advanced Paediatrics-MSc
           Paediatrics and Child Health: Community Child Health-MSc
           Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology-MSc
           Performing Arts Medicine-MSc
           Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine-MSc
           Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health-MA
           Photonics Systems Development-MRes
           Physics and Engineering in Medicine by Distance Learning-MSc
           Physics and Engineering in Medicine: Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging-MSc
           Physics and Engineering in Medicine: Radiation Physics-MSc
           Planetary Science-MSc
           Planning, Design and Development-MSc
           Politics, Security and Integration-MA
           Power Systems Engineering-MSc
           Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine-MSc
           Principles of Conservation-MA
           Project and Enterprise Management (Rail Infrastructure)-MSc
           Project and Enterprise Management-MSc
           Prosthodontics (Advanced Training)-MClinDent
           Psychiatric Research-MSc
           Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology-MSc
           Public Archaeology-MA
           Public Policy-MSc
           Quaternary Science-MSc
           Radiation Biology-MSc
           Reception of the Classical World-MA
           Records and Archives Management (International)-MA
           Remote Sensing-MSc
           Reproductive Science and Women's Health-MSc
           Research Methods for Archaeology-MA
           Research Methods in Psychology-MSc
           Restorative Dental Practice-MSc
           Russian and East European Literature and Culture-MA
           Russian Studies-MA
           Scandinavian Studies: Language, Culture and History-MA
           Science, Technology, Medicine and Society-MSc
           Security Studies-MSc
           Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV-MSc
           Skeletal and Dental Bioarchaeology-MSc
           Social and Cultural Anthropology-MSc
           Social Cognition: Research and Applications-MSc
           Social Development Practice-MSc
           Software Systems Engineering-MSc
           Space Science and Engineering: Space Science-MSc
           Space Science and Engineering: Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications-MSc
           Spatial Planning-MSc
           Special Care Dentistry-MSc
           Special Care Dentistry-PG Certificate/PG Diploma
           Speech and Language Sciences-MSc
           Speech, Language and Cognition-MRes
           Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health-MSc
           Strategic Management of Projects-MSc
           Surgical Science-MSc
           Sustainable Urbanism-MSc
           Synthetic Biology-MRes
           Systems Biology-MRes
           Systems Engineering Management-MSc
           Technology Entrepreneurship-MSc
           Telecommunications with Business-MSc
           The Politics and Economics of Eastern Europe-MRes
           The Prevention and Detection of Crime-Postgraduate Diploma
           The Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials-MSc
           Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies (Non-Clinical)-MSc
           Town and Country Planning-Diploma
           Translation Theory and Practice-MA
           Transport with Business Management-MSc
           Transport with Sustainable Development-MSc
           Trauma and Orthopaedics-MSc
           Urban Archaeology-MA
           Urban Design-MArch
           Urban Development Planning-MSc
           Urban Economic Development-MSc
           Urban Regeneration-MSc
           Urban Studies-MSc
           Voice Pathology-MSc
           Wireless and Optical Communications-MSc

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