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University of Barcelona
English Name: University of Barcelona
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Spain
Found Year: 1450
Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585

Since it was founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona has become a benchmark institution for teaching, scientific research and knowledge creation in Spain and abroad. Its dynamic, critical and constructive qualities have always been placed at the service of the community and the country, where it strives to uphold the principles of freedom and equality and pursue its commitment to progress.

In its eighteen centres, located within the inner city, the UB offers a wide range of subjects to more than sixty-four thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students of 120 different nationalities studying on its six campuses.

In research, the UB works in innovative disciplines such as biomedicine and biotechnology but is also active in more traditional fields including experimental sciences, social sciences, health, the humanities and fine arts, and its researchers publish in the most prestigious international journals.

The University of Barcelona is also actively involved in the work of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and has fully consolidated the actions of its two campuses of international excellence, the HUBc health sciences campus and the BKC knowledge campus, the latter in conjunction with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Alongside teaching and research, areas such as internationalization, innovation, social and environmental responsibility, good governance and gender equality complete the portfolio of activities and initiatives carried out by the UB.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:50275
           International Students:2319(5%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Advertising and Public Relations
           Arabic and Hebrew Studies
           Art History
           Audiovisual Communication
           Basic Medical Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomedical Sciences
           Business Administration and Management
           Chemical Engineering
           Cinema and Audiovisual Media
           Communication and the  Culture Industry
           Computer Engineering
           Conservation-Restoration of  Cultural Heritage
           Dual Pathways: Economics - Statistics
           Dual Pathways: Law - Business Administration and Management
           Dual Pathways: Law - Political and Administrative Sciences
           Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Business Administration and Management
           Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Computer Engineering
           Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Physics
           Early Childhood Education
           Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications
           Engineering Geology
           English Studies
           Environmental Sciences
           Fine Art
           Food Science and Technology
           French Studies
           Human Nutrition and Dietetics
           Industrial Relations
           Information and Documentation
           Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
           Materials Engineering
           Modern Language and Literature
           Nursing - Sant Joan De Déu
           Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
           Political and Administrative Sciences
           Primary Education
           Public Management and Administration
           Romance Languages
           Social and Cultural Anthropology
           Social Education
           Social Work
Graduate Programs
           Advanced and Applied Studies in Catalan Language and Literature
           Advanced and Professional Mathematics
           Advanced Chemistry
           Advanced Medical Skills New
           Advanced Microbiology
           Advanced Public Management
           Advanced Studies in History of  Art
           Analytical Philosophy
           Ancient Culture and Language
           Anthropology and Ethnography
           Artificial Intelligence
           Artistic Creation: Realisms and Environments
           Artistic Productions and Research
           Asian and Pacific Studies
           Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Cosmology
           Autoimmune Diseases
           Biohealth Computing New
           Bioinformatics For Health Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Business Law
           Business Management and Strategy in Tourism
           Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics
           Citizenship and Values Education
           Clinical and Health Psychology
           Cognitive Science and Language
           Computational and Applied Physics
           Conservation and Restoration Project Management: Collections and Heritage
           Construction and Representation of  Cultural Identities
           Contemporary Thought
           Creation and Management of  New Technology-Based Firms
           Criminology and Sociology of  Criminal Law
           Criminology, Criminal Justice Policy and Community Safety
           Critical and Emergency Care
           Cultural Management
           Developmental Biology and Genetics
           Drug Research, Development and Control
           Economic History
           Educational Psychology - Mipe
           Electronic Engineering
           Energy Engineering
           Environmental Agrobiology
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Management and Restoration
           Erasmus Mundus in Learning and Teaching of  Spanish in Multilingual and International Contexts
           Erasmus Mundus On Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology
           Essential and Applied Ecology
           European Joint Quality in Analytical Laboratories
           Experimental Organic and Industrial Chemistry
           Expert in Spanish As A Foreign Language in Professional Environments
           Fisheries Economics and Management
           Food Research, Development and Innovation
           Food Safety
           Higher Education
           History and Culture of  Food
           History of  Science: Science, History and Society
           History Studies
           Homogeneous Catalysis
           Hotel and Restaurant Management
           Human Biology
           Integrative Physiology
           Interdisciplinary Education of  the  Arts
           International Health
           International Relations
           Latin American Studies
           Law New
           Leadership and Management in Nursing
           Lexis and Communication
           Lifelong Education
           Management of  Cultural Heritage
           Management of  Digital Contents
           Marine Sciences: Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management
           Medieval Cultures
           Molecular Biotechnology
           Motor Activity and Education
           Music As An Interdisciplinary Art
           Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
           Nuclear Physics
           Nursing Care: Method and Application
           Nutrition and Metabolism
           Occupational Safety and Health - Prevention of  Occupational Hazards
           Organ, Tissue and Cell Donation and Transplant
           Organic Chemistry
           Palliative Care
           Pharmaceutical Care
           Philosophy and Classical Studies
           Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics and Biophotonics
           Physical Activity and Sport
           Physical Engineering
           Podiatric Surgery
           Political Analysis and Institutional Assessment
           Psychology and Education
           Psychology of  Work, Organizations and Human Resources
           Psychosocial Intervention
           Public Management
           Public Policy and International Development
           Pure and Applied Logic
           Quality of  Drugs, Cosmetics and Food
           Research in Business, Finance and Insurance
           Research in Clinical Science
           Research in Education in Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Heritage Studies
           Research in Language and Literature Teaching
           Research in Liver Diseases
           Research in Odontological Science
           Research in Personality and Behaviour
           Research in Teaching, Teacher Training and Educational Assessment
           Respiratory Medicine
           Rural Education and Development
           Social and Educational Action
           Social Sciences and Development Studies: Cultures and Development in Africa
           Sociological Research
           Soil and Water Management
           Spanish Language and Hispanic Literature
           Sport Business Management
           Sporting Performance: From Specialization To Elite Competition
           Statistics and Operations Research
           Synchrotron Radiation and Particle Accelerators
           Teacher Training in Catalan For Adults
           Teacher Training in Obligatory Secondary and Upper Secondary School Education, Vocational Training and Languages
           Teaching and Learning in Digital Environments
           Territorial Planning and Environmental Management
           The Deaf Community, Education and Sign Language
           The School Library and the  Promotion of  Reading
           The Training of  Teachers of  Spanish As A Foreign Language
           Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
           Theory of  Literature and Comparative Literature
           Tourism Management Innovation New
           Translational Medicine
           Typography: Discipline and Uses
           Up Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition in Multilingual Contexts
           Urban Design: Art, City and Society
           Visual Arts and Education: A Constructionist Approach
           Water. Interdisciplinary Analysis and Sustainable Management.
           Women, Gender and Citizenship
           Youth and Society

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