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University of Groningen
English Name: University of Groningen
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: Netherlands
Found Year: 1614
Address: PO Box 72


The University of Groningen is an international academic community in which disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research leads to scientific breakthroughs and societal innovation, and in which talented students are trained as innovators who will contribute to a sustainable society. Its research and education are driven by intrinsic curiosity and interaction with global society. As a result, research, education and processes that have a societal impact are closely intertwined at the University. Our research, which is of the highest standing, is based on strong core disciplines and a critical mass of researchers. These strong core disciplines are the foundation of our cross-disciplinary research. Our research in these core disciplines and our cross-disciplinary research help us to both deepen our fundamental understanding and knowledge of the world and find innovative answers to today’s societal challenges.

Understanding the world and putting this knowledge to use are two key responsibilities. With these responsibilities in mind, we actively engage in the dissemination of knowledge and converting this knowledge into economic and societal value. We do this with an emphasis on our three research priorities – healthy ageing, energy and sustainable society – and with a specific focus on the needs of the Northern Netherlands. We want our students to become active, independent, and responsible citizens who can think critically and help solve the scientific and societal challenges of today and become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. To achieve this goal we aim at small-scale teaching and focus on establishing strong links between students and staff, between teaching and research, and between teaching and relevant social issues in national and international contexts. Exceptional teaching and research are only feasible with a diverse perspective on teaching and research and a university community encompassing different talents and nationalities. We achieve this by establishing a setting in which talent is recognized and can blossom. In keeping with the University’s ambitions, talented staff and students from all over the world are attracted by the career prospects and challenging study programmes. Moreover, they are given ample opportunity to apply, train and develop their specific strengths. Our university thus delivers a knowledgeable workforce that can make a significant contribution to a deeper understanding of the world and solving the challenges it presents. We believe that it is important to keep in touch with our alumni around the globe and to enable them to contribute to the mission of the university.

Total Enrollment:26918
           International Students:3354(12%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:20192
           International Students:1864(9%)
Graduate Enrollment:6726
           International Students:1490(22%)

Undergraduate Programs
           American Studies 
           Artificial Intelligence
           Arts, Culture and Media
           Art History
           Bachelor'S In Environmental and Infrastructure Planning
           Bachelor'S In Human Geography and Spatial Planning
           Communication and Information Studies
           Dental Education
           Dutch Language and Culture
           Econometrics and Operations Research
           Economics and Business Economics
           Engelstalige Variant: International and European Law
           English Language and Culture
           European Law School 
           Finno-Ugric Languages and Cultures
           Frisian Language and Culture
           German Language and Culture
           Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures
           Human Movement Sciences
           Information Science / Humanities Computing
           International and European Law
           International Business and Management
           International Relations and International Organization 
           Languages and Cultures of The Middle East
           Law and Governance
           Law and Ict
           Life Science and Technology 
           Lore Failed Technology
           Notarial Law
           Pedagogy and Educational Sciences 
           Practical Philosophy 
           Religious Studies 
           Romance Languages and Cultures
           Scandinavian Languages and Cultures
           Slavic Languages and Cultures
           Tax Law
           Technical Business
           Technical Mathematics
           Technical Physics
           The Archives of Medicine Guide
           Theoretical Philosophy 
           The History Of Philosophy 
Graduate Programs
           American Studies 
           Applied Linguistics 
           Applied Mathematics
           Applied Physics
           Artificial Intelligence
           Arts, Culture and Media 
           Art History and Archaeology 
           Art History 
           Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomedical Sciences 
           Business Administration
           Chemical Engineering
           Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies 
           Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology 
           Clinical Linguistics - Erasmus Mundus
           Clinical Psychology 
           Communication and Information Sciences  
           Computing Science
           Criminal Law and Criminology 
           Cultural Geography
           Development Planning and Infrastructure Management
           Dutch Culture
           Dutch Language and Culture 
           Ecology and Evolution 
           Econometrics, Operations Research & Actuarial Studies 
           Economic Geography
           Education and Communication In Natural Sciences
           Education and Development
           Education In Communication and Mathematics
           Energy and Environmental Sciences 
           English Language and Culture 
           English Language and Culture 
           Environmental and Infrastructure Planning
           Euroculture (Erasmus Mundus) 
           European Law 
           Evolutionary Biology 
           Finno-Ugric Languages and Cultures 
           French Language and Culture 
           Frisian Language and Culture 
           General Linguistics 
           Geography & Teaching
           German Language and Culture 
           Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures 
           Human-Machine Communication
           Humanitarian Action 
           Human Movement Sciences 
           Human Resource Management 
           Industrial Engineering and Management
           Information Science / Humanties Computing 
           International and Comparative Private Law 
           International Business & Management
           International Economic and Business Law 
           International Law and The Law of International Organizations
           International Relations and International Organization 
           Jewish and Christian Traditions
           Language and Communication Technologies
           Languages and Cultures of The Middle East 
           Literary and Cultural Studies
           Marine Biology 
           Meaning, Tradition and Change
           Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation
           Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences 
           Medieval and Renaissance Studies
           Modern History and International Relations 
           Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 
           Multiele: Learning and Teaching of Spanish In Multilingual and International Contexts 
           Natural Sciences
           Philosophy and Education
           Philosophy Of A Specific Scientific Discipline
           Population Studies
           Psychometrics and Statistics
           Real Estate Studies
           Religion, Representation and Power
           Religion In The Modern World 
           Romance Languages and Cultures 
           Scandinavian Languages and Cultures 
           Science In Water & Coastal Management
           Slavic Languages and Cultures 
           Social and Organizational Psychology 
           Spanish Language and Culture 
           Speech and Language Pathology
           Supply Chain Management 
           Technology Management
           Theology: Biblical Studies & Hermeneutics 
           The Research Master’S In Regional Studies

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