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University of Houston
English Name: University of Houston
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: USA
Found Year: 1927
Address: 4800 Calhoun Road


The University of Houston is a public research university recognized throughout the world as a leader in energy and health research, law, business and environmental education. UH serves the globally competitive Houston and Gulf Coast region by providing world-class faculty, experiential learning, strategic industry partnerships and state-of-the-art facilities such the interdisciplinary Technology Bridge and the Health District, which integrates a mix of research and teaching spaces with health care clinics serving the surrounding community. Located in America's fourth-largest city, UH is one of the most ethnically diverse metropolitan research universities in the United States, serving more than 46,300 students in one of the most culturally diverse regions in the country. In addition to preparing its students to succeed in today's global economy, UH is a catalyst within its own community - changing lives through health, education and outreach projects that help build a future for children and families in Houston, in Texas and around the world. Other distinctive merits of UH include the establishment of a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, which indicates a strong foundation for undergraduate education and academic achievement, a historic Division I athletics program with premier facilities, top-level arts programs and an internationally recognized faculty that includes a Nobel Laureate, National Medal of Science winners, Pulitzer Prize and Tony award-winners and members of prestigious National Academies. Nestled on a tree-lined campus, UH is just minutes from downtown Houston, the Texas Medical Center, and Houston's bustling theater and museum districts. The University of Houston is home to world-class teaching, revolutionary research, one of the most important collections of public art by any university in the United States and nationally recognized students - all working together to create a globally competitive educational environment.

Total Enrollment:29267
           International Students:2763(9%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:23174
           International Students:1073(5%)
Graduate Enrollment:6093
           International Students:1690(28%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting, Business
           Advertising, Communications
           American Sign Language and Interpreting
           Art History
           Art W/Professional Development Sequence in Education
           Biochemical & Biophysical Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Chemical Engineering
           Chinese Studies
           Civil Engineering
           Communication Sciences & Disorders
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Engineering Technology
           Computer Information Systems
           Computer Science–Business
           Computer Science–Systems
           Construction Management Technology
           Construction Management Technology–Surveying & Mapping
           Corporate Communication
           Creative Writing, English
           Digital Media
           Earth Science
           Electrical Engineering
           Electrical Power Engineering Technology
           Entrepreneurship, Business
           Environmental Design
           Environmental Science
           Exercise Science, Kinesiology
           Finance, Business
           Geophysics, Physics
           Graphic Communications Technology
           Health Communication
           Hotel & Restaurant Management
           Human Development & Family Studies
           Human Resource Development
           Industrial Design
           Industrial Engineering
           Information Systems Technology
           Integrated Communication, Communication
           Interdisciplinary Studies in Curriculum & Instruction
           Interior Architecture
           Interpersonal, Communication
           Italian Studies
           Journalism, Communication
           Kinesiology–Exercise Science
           Kinesiology–Sports Administration
           Liberal Studies
           Logistics Technology
           Management Information Systems, Business
           Management, Business
           Marketing, Business
           Mathematical Biology
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering Technology
           Media Production, Communication
           Media Studies, Communication
           Music Composition
           Music Theory
           Music–Area of  Elective Studies
           Nutrition (Human Nutrition & Foods)
           Organizational Leadership and Supervision
           Painting, Art
           Petroleum Engineering
           Photography/Digital Media, Art
           Political Science
           Public Relations, Communications
           Retailing and Consumer Science
           Sculpture, Art
           Supply Chain & Logistics Technology
           Supply Chain Management
           Technology Leadership & Supervision
           Technology Leadership & Supervision–Occupational Technology
Graduate Programs
           Accountancy (M.S.)
           Aerospace Engineering (M.S.)
           Anthropology (M.A.)
           Applied Economics (M.A.)
           Applied English Linguistics (M.A.)
           Applied Mathematics (M.S.)
           Architecture (M.Arch.)
           Art (Mfa)
           Art History (M.A.)
           Biochemistry (M.S.)
           Biology (M.S.)
           Business Administration (MBA)
           Chemical Engineering (M.S.)
           Chemical Engineering (Mche)
           Chemistry (M.S.)
           Civil Engineering (M.S.)
           Civil Engineering (Mce)
           Communication (M.A.)
           Communication Sciences and Disorders (M.A.)
           Computer & Systems Engineering (M.S.)
           Computer Science (M.S.)
           Construction Management Technology (M.T.)
           Counseling Master Program (M.Ed.)
           Creative Writing (MFA)
           Education (M.Ed.)
           Education in Allied Health Education and Administration (M.Ed.)
           Education in Health Education (M.Ed.)
           Education in Physical Education, online (M.Ed.)
           Education in Physical Education, traditional (M.Ed.)
           Electrical Engineering (MEE)
           English and American Literature (M.A.)
           Environmental Engineering (M.S.)
           Exercise Science (M.S.)
           Finance (M.S.)
           Geology (M.S.)
           Geophysics (M.S.)
           History (M.A.)
           Hospitality Management (M.S.)
           Human Nutrition (M.S.)
           Human Resources Development (M.S.)
           Human Space Exploration Sciences (M.S.)
           Industrial Engineering (Mie)
           Industrial Engineering - Engineering Management (Mie/Mgt)
           Law (Ll.M.)
           Materials Engineering (M.S.)
           Mathematics (M.A.)
           Mathematics (M.S.)
           Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)
           Mechanical Engineering (Mme)
           Music (M.M.)
           Network Communications (M.T.)
           Petroleum Engineering (M.S.)
           Petroleum Engineering (Mpe)
           Pharmacy Administration (M.S.)
           Philosophy (M.A.)
           Physics (M.S.)
           Physiological Optics/Vision Science (M.S.)
           Political Science (M.A.)
           Public Administration (Mpa)
           Social Work (Msw)
           Sociology (M.A.)
           Spanish (M.A.)
           Technology Project Management (M.S.)
           Technology Project Management - Information Systems Security (M.S.)
           Technology Project Management - Logistics (M.S.)
           Theatre (Mfa)
           World Cultures and Literature (M.A.)
Doctoral Programs
           Accountancy & Taxation (Ph.D.)
           Aerospace Engineering (Ph.D.)
           Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
           Biology (Ph.D.)
           Chemical Engineering (Ph.D.)
           Chemistry (Ph.D.)
           Civil Engineering (Ph.D.)
           Combined Pharmacy Degree (Pharm.D./Ph.D.)
           Computer Science (Ph.D.)
           Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.)
           Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D.)
           Educational Psychology and Individual Differences (Ph.D.)
           Electrical Engineering (Ph.D.)
           English and American Literature (Ph.D.)
           Environmental Engineering (Ph.D.)
           Finance (Ph.D.)
           Geology (Ph.D.)
           Geophysics (Ph.D.)
           History (M.A.)
           History (Ph.D.)
           Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.)
           Kinesiology (Ph.D.)
           Law (J.D.)
           Literature and Creative Writing (Ph.D.)
           Management (Ph.D.)
           Management Information Systems (Ph.D.)
           Marketing (Ph.D.)
           Materials Engineering (Ph.D.)
           Mathematics (Ph.D.)
           Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)
           Music (Dma)
           Optometry (O.D.)
           Pharmaceutics (Ph.D.)
           Pharmacology (Ph.D.)
           Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
           Pharmacy Administration (Ph.D.)
           Physics (Ph.D.)
           Physiological Optics/Vision Science (Ph.D.)
           Political Science (Ph.D.)
           Professional Leadership (Ed.D.)
           Psychology (Ph.D.)
           School Psychology (Ph.D.)
           Social Work (Ph.D.)
           Spanish (Ph.D.)
           Supply Chain Management (Ph.D.), Formerly Operations Management

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