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University of Lorraine
English Name: Université de Lorraine
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: France
Found Year: 2012
Address: 34 cours Léopold, CS 25233, Nancy, 54052, France

Université de Lorraine (UL) is a public institution created after the merge of four universities of the Lorraine region in north-eastern France. Though the University was founded in Lorraine in 1572, the fusion that took place in 2012 created a hub of scientific advancement, economical growth and knowledge transfer.

60,000 students, 6,900 staff members, 43 teaching departments and 60 research centers make the UL one of the largest universities in the country.

Campuses are situated throughout the region, each with their own focus. UL offers curricula in all fields of knowledge. A specific focus is given to cross-talk between fields and competences, in order to help students develop individualized career paths. The Lorraine region has been shaped since the 19th century by the mining and metallurgical industries, which fostered the development of education and research in engineering and technology. During the 20th century, this concept of engineering took on a broader meaning of global engineering, i.e. the ability to design, develop, validate and implement innovative solutions to global challenges, by relying on disciplinary excellence to address the basic scientific questions, and illuminating the connections between scientific domains and current economic and social challenges. UL thus positions itself as a multidisciplinary, technological and entrepreneurial university, able to develop comprehensive answers to the economic and societal challenges of the 21st century.

Another specificity is the multilingual aspect of many curriculums, due to sharing borders with Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. The UL has strong ties with universities from those countries and students and faculty members alike can take advantage of numerous exchange programs. UL also develops a network of privileged, strategic partnerships with a selected number of universities throughout the world.

Total Enrollment:61542
           International Students:10771(18%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:42506
           International Students:5757 (14%)
Graduate Enrollment:19036
           International Students:5014 (26%)

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