Academic Ranking of World Universities

University of Ottawa
English Name: University of Ottawa
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: Canada
Found Year: 1848
Address: 75 Laurier Avenue East



The University of Ottawa—A crossroads of cultures and ideas
The University of Ottawa is home to over 48,000 students, faculty and staff, who live, work and study in both French and English. Our campus is a crossroads of cultures and ideas, where bold minds come together to inspire game-changing ideas. We are one of Canada’s top 10 research universities—our professors and researchers explore new approaches to today’s challenges. One of a handful of Canadian universities ranked among the top 200 in the world, we attract exceptional thinkers and welcome diverse perspectives from across the globe.


Learning in a unique cultural environment

A good university must do certain things well: Prepare young people to find their place in the world, enable faculty to share their knowledge and to pursue discovery, support its employees as they provide exceptional quality services to its students. A great university takes these ideals to heart, and then asks: What more can we contribute to our community and our world? That is what we do. Guided by our heritage, our humanity and our vitality, we give future citizens and leaders alike the values and tools they need to change the world. In the past decade, our university has grown in many ways. Our student population has grown to over 43,000, and our programs have increased to more than 450, in every field of human endeavour. We offer our students a truly unique educational and cultural experience.

A culture of discovery

We are among the top 2% of universities worldwide. We don’t try to fit the mold. we create entirely new shapes – which is why we are ranked among the top 200 in the world for research prowess.  Our people can be found working on the frontiers of virtually every field of human endeavour, making us top of mind for industry and government when they seek special expertise and fresh insight. Our curiosity keeps the University's brilliant minds engaged, as they grow from students to scholars, citizens and specialists. We believe that curiosity is at the heart of every academic pursuit. A desire to learn, the courage to question and a passion for discovery are present in everything we do.


Open to the world

Our nation has always been highly respected on the global stage. We are a forward-thinking nation that constantly seeks a balance between industry, environment and society. Our standards for access to education, our quality of life and the value we place on multiculturalism and human rights have made us a beacon among the nations of the world. The University of Ottawa embodies the Canadian spirit. We believe in measured, intelligent choices, democratically made by people who are thoughtful and well informed. We debate issues with passion and openness while respecting each other's views. Our university is the place where students discover how they can make their contribution to these Canadian ideals.

The richness of bilingualism

Founded in 1848, we are now the largest french-english bilingual university in the world – a crossroads of cultures, languages and perspectives that drives new ideas.

Canada's commitment to bilingualism is fundamental to what we are as a country. The University of Ottawa has nurtured this vision of bilingualism. We offer outstanding programs in French, in English and in both languages. No other major university in Canada can say the same; this duality makes our students uniquely prepared to shape our country and to live out its values. Discover the future

Canada is a unique nation, born not of war or revolution but in a conscious act of self-invention.  It has always shown itself open to change, so long as the change respects the principles that motivated Canada’s creation.

Ours is the Canadian university that most directly reflects these essential national traits.  Canada’s university embraces the country’s diversity, bilingualism and spirit of openness.

Like Canada itself, we seek to use our greatest attributes - excellence in learning and discovery and the commitment of our graduates – to make a better world.

We take a fearless approach to today’s challenges.

Join uOttawa, a place where bold minds come together to disrupt and redefine the debate.

Total Enrollment:33833
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:29067
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:4767
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Aboriginal Education Program - Certificate (Primary / Junior)
           Aboriginal Studies
           Aboriginal Teacher Education Program - B.Ed./Certificate
           Advanced Minor in English As A Second Language (Esl)
           Advanced Minor in French As A Second Language (Fls)
           Arts (General)
           Arts Administration
           Asian Studies
           B.A.Sc. in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering and B.Sc. in Computing Technology
           B.Sc. Honours in Science / Bachelor of  Education (Intermediate-Senior)
           B.Sc. Honours in Science / Bachelor of  Education (Intermediate-Senior)
           B.Sc.Soc. Specialization in Social Service
           Ba with Specialization in French Literature
           Baccalaureate in Journalism (Bjour)
           Bachelor of  Music (Bmus)
           Bachelor of  Music/Honours Bachelor of  Science with Major
           Bachelor of  Science in Nursing
           Bachelor of  Science in Nursing For Registered Nurses
           Bachelor of  Social Sciences with Specialization in Political Science and Juris Doctor
           Bachelor of  Social Sciences with Specialization in Political Science and Juris Doctor
           Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
           Basc in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
           Basc in Chemical Engineering
           Basc in Chemical Engineering and Bsc in Computing Technology
           Basc in Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Option
           Basc in Chemical Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option
           Basc in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Option
           Basc in Civil Engineering
           Basc in Civil Engineering and Bsc in Computing Technology
           Basc in Civil Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option
           Basc in Civil Engineering, Environmental and Water Resources Option
           Basc in Civil Engineering, Structural and Geotechnical Option
           Basc in Computer Engineering
           Basc in Computer Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option
           Basc in Electrical Engineering
           Basc in Electrical Engineering and Bsc in Computing Technology
           Basc in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option
           Basc in Mechanical Engineering
           Basc in Mechanical Engineering and Bsc in Computing Technology
           Basc in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option
           Basc in Software Engineering
           Basc in Software Engineering, Biomedical Option
           Basc in Software Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option
           Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
           Biomedical Science
           Biopharmaceutical Science
           Bsc Honours in Biomedical Sciences - Option in Neurosciences
           Bsc with Honours in Biomedical Science
           Bsc with Honours in Biomedical Sciences - Option in Bioanalytical Sciences
           Bsc with Honours in Biomedical Sciences - Option in Cellular and Molecular Medicine
           Bsc with Honours in Biomedical Sciences - Option in Medicinal Chemistry
           Bsc with Honours in Biopharmaceutical Sciences
           Bsc with Honours in Environmental Science
           Bsc with Honours in Physical Geography
           Canadian Studies
           Celtic Studies
           Certificate / Baccalauréat En Education - Education Technological
           Certificate in Business Administration
           Certificate in Drafting Et Professionnelle Edition
           Certificate in Human Resource Management
           Certificate in Law
           Certificate in Piano Pedagogy
           Certificate in Studies Des Francophonies
           Chemical Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Civil Law
           Classical Studies / Classics
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Science
           Conflict Studies and Human Rights
           Economics and Public Policy
           Electrical Engineering
           Engineering (Biotechnology)
           Engineering (Biotechnology)
           Engineering (Biotechnology) with Biomedical Engineering Option
           English As A Second Language
           Environmental Science
           Environmental Studies
           Ethics and Society / Applied Ethics
           Film Studies
           Four-Year Bachelor of  Arts with Major
           Four-Year Bachelor of  Arts with Two Minors
           Four-Year Bachelor of  Science
           Four-Year Bachelor of  Social Sciences with Major
           Four-Year Bachelor of  Social Sciences with Two Minors
           French As A Second Language
           French Letters
           French Studies
           Geomatics and Spatial Analysis
           Global Studies
           Health Sciences
           History and Theory of  Art
           Honors Degree in Nutritional Sciences
           Honours Ba in Communications and French Literature
           Honours Ba in Communications and French Literature
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Classical Studies
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Classics
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Communication
           Honours Ba with Specialization in English
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Environmental Studies (Bilingual Program)
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Ethics and Society
           Honours Ba with Specialization in French Studies
           Honours Ba with Specialization in French-English Translation
           Honours Ba with Specialization in French-English Translation (Two Years)
           Honours Ba with Specialization in French-Spanish-English Translation
           Honours Ba with Specialization in French-Spanish-English Translation (Two Years)
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Geography
           Honours Ba with Specialization in History
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Latin and English Studies
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Latin and English Studies
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Linguistics
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Music
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Philosophy
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Psychology
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Religious Studies
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Second-Language Teaching
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Spanish
           Honours Ba with Specialization in Theatre
           Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences
           Honours Bachelor in Journalism
           Honours Bachelor in Public Relations
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce (E-Business)
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce (Entrepreneurship)
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce (Finance)
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce (Human Resource Management)
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce (International Management)
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce (Management)
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce (Marketing)
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce with Specialization in Accounting
           Honours Bachelor of  Commerce with Specialization in Management Information Systems
           Honours Bachelor with Specialization in Human Kinetics
           Honours Bsc in Financial Mathematics and Economics
           Honours Bsc in Financial Mathematics and Economics
           Honours Bsc in Ophthalmic Medical Technology
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biochemistry
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biochemistry (Biotechnology) / Basc in Chemical
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biochemistry (Biotechnology) / Basc in Chemical
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biochemistry (Biotechnology) / Basc in Chemical
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biochemistry with Option in Microbiology and Immunology
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biology
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biology (Cellular/Molecular Option)
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biology (Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour Option)
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Biology (Physiology Option)
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Chemistry
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Chemistry - Option Advanced Materials
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Chemistry - Option Ecochemistry
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Computer Science
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Computer Science, Bioinformatics Option
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Computer Science, Management and Entrepreneurship
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Geology
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Geology-Physics
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Human Kinetics
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Mathematics
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Physics
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Physics with Computational Physics Option
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Physics-Mathematics
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Psychology
           Honours Bsc with Specialization in Statistics
           Honours Bsocsc in Conflict Studies and Human Rights
           Honours Bsocsc in Economics and Public Policy
           Honours Bsocsc in International Development and Globalization
           Honours Bsocsc in International Economics and Development
           Honours Bsocsc in International Studies and Modern Languages
           Honours Bsocsc with Specialization in Criminology
           Honours Bsocsc with Specialization in Economics
           Honours Bsocsc with Specialization in Political Science
           Honours Bsocsc with Specialization in Public Administration
           Honours Bsocsc with Specialization in Sociology
           Human Kinetics
           Human Kinetics (Bsc)
           Human Resource Management
           Integrated Bachelor Online - French Literature and Education
           Integrated Bachelor Online - French Literature and Education
           International Development and Globalization
           International Economics and Development
           International Management
           International Studies and Modern Languages
           Jewish Canadian Studies
           Joint Honours Ba in Classics and Philosophy
           Joint Honours Ba in Classics and Philosophy
           Joint Honours Ba in Communication and Philosophy
           Joint Honours Ba in Communication and Philosophy
           Joint Honours Ba in Communication and Political Science
           Joint Honours Ba in Communication and Sociology
           Joint Honours Ba in Environmental Studies and Geography (Bilingual Program)
           Joint Honours Ba in Environmental Studies and Geography (Bilingual Program)
           Joint Honours Ba in Geography and Sociology
           Joint Honours Ba in History and Political Science
           Joint Honours Ba in Philosophy and Political Science
           Joint Honours Ba in Psychology and Linguistics
           Joint Honours Ba in Psychology and Linguistics
           Joint Honours Bsc in Computer Science and Mathematics
           Joint Honours Bsc in Computer Science and Mathematics
           Joint Honours Bsc in Mathematics and Economics
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Anthropology and Sociology
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Anthropology and Sociology
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Communication and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Communication and Sociology
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Criminology and Women's Studies
           Joint Honours BSocSc in Criminology and Women's Studies
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Economics and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Economics and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Geography and Sociology
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in History and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Mathematics and Economics
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Philosophy and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Public Administration and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Public Administration and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Women's Studies and Political Science
           Joint Honours BSocSc in Women's Studies and Political Science
           Joint Honours Bsocsc in Women's Studies and Sociology
           Joint Honours BSocSc in Women's Studies and Sociology
           Juris Doctor (Jd)
           Juris Doctor (Jd) / American University, Washington College of  Law
           Juris Doctor (Jd) / International Affairs
           Juris Doctor (Jd) / Master in Business Administration
           Juris Doctor (Jd) / Michigan State University, College of  Law
           Latin American Studies
           Latin and English Studies
           Law (Common Law)
           Law Degree (Bcl)
           Leisure Studies
           Llb (Civil Law) and Specializes in International Development and Globalization
           Llb (Civil Law) and Specializes in International Development and Globalization
           Major in Aboriginal Studies
           Major in Anthropology
           Major in Arabic Language and Culture
           Major in Arts Administration
           Major in Biochemistry
           Major in Biology
           Major in Canadian Studies (Multidisciplinary Program with A Second Language Requirement)
           Major in Chemistry
           Major in Classical Studies
           Major in Communication
           Major in Computer Science
           Major in Criminology
           Major in Economics
           Major in English
           Major in English As A Second Language (Esl)
           Major in Environmental Studies (Bilingual Program)
           Major in Ethics and Society
           Major in French As A Second Language (Fls)
           Major in French Literature
           Major in French Literature and Bachelor of  Education
           Major in French Literature and Bachelor of  Education
           Major in French Studies
           Major in Geography
           Major in Geology
           Major in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis
           Major in German Language and Culture
           Major in History
           Major in History and Theory of  Art
           Major in Italian Language and Culture
           Major in Linguistics
           Major in Mathematics
           Major in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
           Major in Music
           Major in Philosophy
           Major in Physics
           Major in Political Science
           Major in Psychology
           Major in Public Administration
           Major in Religious Studies
           Major in Russian Language and Culture
           Major in Second-Language Teaching
           Major in Sociology
           Major in Spanish
           Major in Statistics
           Major in Theatre
           Major in Visual Arts
           Major in Women's Studies
           Management Information Systems
           Mathematics and Statistics
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Education Undergraduate Curriculum
           Medieval and Renaissance Studies
           Mineure En Traduction Vers Le Français
           Minor in Aboriginal Studies
           Minor in Anthropology
           Minor in Applied Ethics
           Minor in Arabic Language and Culture
           Minor in Arts Administration
           Minor in Asian Studies
           Minor in Biochemistry
           Minor in Biology
           Minor in Business Administration
           Minor in Canadian Studies
           Minor in Celtic Studies
           Minor in Chemistry
           Minor in Classical Studies
           Minor in Communication
           Minor in Computer Science
           Minor in Computer Science For Scientists
           Minor in Criminology
           Minor in Economics
           Minor in English
           Minor in English As A Second Language (Esl)
           Minor in Environmental Studies (Bilingual Program)
           Minor in Film Studies
           Minor in French As A Second Language (Fls)
           Minor in French Literature
           Minor in German Language and Culture
           Minor in Gerontology
           Minor in Global Studies
           Minor in Health Sciences
           Minor in History
           Minor in History and Theory of  Art
           Minor in Italian Language and Culture
           Minor in Jewish Canadian Studies
           Minor in Latin American Studies
           Minor in Law
           Minor in Leisure Studies
           Minor in Life Sciences
           Minor in Linguistics
           Minor in Management Information Systems
           Minor in Mathematics
           Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
           Minor in Music
           Minor in Philosophy
           Minor in Physics
           Minor in Political Science
           Minor in Professional Writing and Editing
           Minor in Psychology
           Minor in Public Administration
           Minor in Religious Studies
           Minor in Russian Language and Culture
           Minor in Social Sciences of  Health
           Minor in Social Work
           Minor in Sociology
           Minor in Spanish
           Minor in Statistics
           Minor in Theatre
           Minor in Translation Into English
           Minor in United States Studies
           Minor in Women's Studies
           Minor in Writing and Style
           Minor Studies of  Francophone
           National Program (Jd-Lll)
           National Program (Jd/Lll)
           Nutrition Sciences
           Ophthalmic Medical Technology
           Physical Geography
           Political Science
           Pre-Admission Program in French Law For Aboriginal
           Professional Writing and Editing
           Program of  Canadian Law - Juris Doctor (Jd) / Master of  Laws (Lll)
           Program of  Canadian Law - Juris Doctor (Jd) / Master of  Laws (Lll)
           Programme Conjoint Ll.L.-M.B.A.
           Psychology (Ba)
           Psychology (Bsc)
           Public Administration
           Public Relations
           Religious Studies
           Science (General)
           Second-Language Teaching
           Service Social
           Social Sciences (General)
           Social Sciences of  Health
           Software Engineering
           Specialization Ba in French Literature and Bachelor of  Education
           Specialization Ba in French Literature and Bachelor of  Education
           Studies of  Francophone
           Teacher Education - Intermediate / Senior Division
           Teacher Education - Junior / Intermediate
           Teacher Education - Junior / Intermediate Division
           Teacher Education - Primary / Junior
           Teacher Education - Primary / Junior Division
           Teacher Education in Alternative - B.Ed. (Part Time) - Junior / Intermediate
           Teacher Education in Alternative - B.Ed. (Part Time) - Primary / Junior
           Teacher Training - Intermediate / Higher
           Three-Year General Bachelor of  Arts
           Three-Year General Bachelor of  Arts with Minor
           Three-Year General Bachelor of  Science
           Three-Year General Bachelor of  Science with Minor
           Three-Year General Bachelor of  Social Sciences
           Three-Year General Bachelor of  Social Sciences with Minor
           United States Studies
           Visual Arts
           Women's Studies
           Writing and Style
Master's Degree Programs
           Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (MASc / MEng)
           Anthropology (MA)
           Audiologie / Orthophonie (M.Sc.S.)
           Behavioural Neuroscience (Collaborative)
           Biochemistry (MSc)
           Bioinformatics (MSc/MCS) (Collaborative)
           Biology (MSc)
           Biomedical Engineering (MASc)
           Biostatistics (MSc) (Collaborative)
           Business Administration (MBA)
           Canon Law (MCL)
           Cellular and Molecular Medicine (MSc)
           Chemical and Environmental Toxicology (MSc) (Collaborative)
           Chemical Engineering (MEng/MASc)
           Chemistry (MSc)
           Civil Engineering (MEng / MASc)
           Classical Studies (MA)
           Communication (MA / MComm)
           Computer Science (MCS)
           Conflict Studies (MA)
           Counselling and Spirituality (MA)
           Criminology (MCA / MA)
           E-Business Technologies (MEBT / MSc)
           Earth Sciences (MSc)
           Education (MA / MEd)
           Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc / MEng)
           Engineering Management (MEng)
           English (MA)
           Environmental Engineering (MEng / MASc)
           Epidemiology (MSc)
           Ergothérapie (M.Sc.S.)
           French Literature (M.A.)
           Geography (MA / MGeg / MSc)
           Globalization and International Development (MA)
           Health Administration (MHA)
           Health Systems (MSc)
           History (MA)
           Human and Molecular Genetics (Collaborative)
           Human Kinetics (MA /MSc /MHK)
           Information Studies (MIS)
           Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
           Law (LLM)
           Linguistics (MA)
           Management (MSc)
           Mathematics and Statistics (MSc)
           Mechanical Engineering (MEng / MASc)
           Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MA) (Collaborative)
           Microbiology and Immunology (MSc)
           Music (MMus / MA)
           Neuroscience (MSc)
           Nursing (MSc)
           Pathology and Experimental Medicine (MSc) Collaborative)
           Philosophy (MA)
           Physics (MSc)
           Physiothérapie (M.Sc.S.)
           Political Science (MA)
           Public Administration (MA)
           Public and International Affairs (MA)
           Public Ethics (MA)
           Religious Education (MRE)
           Religious Studies (MA)
           Service social (M.S.S.)
           Sociology (MA)
           Spanish (MA)
           Systems Science (MSc / MSysSc)
           Theatre (MA)
           Theatre - Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (Directing) (MFA)
           Theology (MA / MPTh)
           Translation - Conference Interpreting (MCI)
           Translation - Legal Translation
           Translation Studies (MA)
           Visual Arts (MFA)
           Women's Studies (LL.M./ MA / MSc) (Collaborative)
           Women's Studies (MA)
           World Literatures and Cultures (MA)
Doctoral Programs
           Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (PhD)
           Behavioural Neuroscience (PhD) (Collaborative)
           Biochemistry (PhD)
           Biology (PhD)
           Canadian Studies (PhD) (Collaborative)
           Canon Law (PhD)
           Cellular and Molecular Medicine (PhD)
           Chemical and Environmental Toxicology (PhD) (Collaborative)
           Chemical Engineering (PhD)
           Chemistry (PhD)
           Civil Engineering (PhD)
           Computer Science (PhD)
           Counselling and Spirituality (PhD)
           Criminology (PhD)
           Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy (Combined Program)
           Earth Sciences (PhD)
           Education (PhD)
           Electrical and Computer Engineering (PhD)
           English (PhD)
           Environmental Engineering (PhD)
           Epidemiology (PhD)
           French Literature (Ph.D.)
           Geography (PhD)
           History (PhD)
           Human and Molecular Genetics (PhD) (Collaborative)
           Human Kinetics (PhD)
           Law (PhD)
           Linguistics (PhD)
           Mathematics and Statistics (PhD)
           Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
           Microbiology and Immunology (PhD)
           Ministry (DMin)
           Neuroscience (PhD)
           Nursing (PhD)
           Pathology and Experimental Medicine (PhD) (Collaborative)
           Philosophy (PhD)
           Physics (PhD)
           Political Science (PhD)
           Population Health (PhD)
           Psychology (PhD)
           Public Administration (PhD)
           Rehabilitation Sciences (PhD)
           Religious Studies (PhD)
           Social Work (PhD)
           Sociology (PhD)
           Spanish (PhD)
           Theology (PhD)
           Translation Studies (PhD)
           Women's Studies (PhD)

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