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University of Turin
English Name: University of Turin
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Italy
Found Year: 1404
Address: Via Verdi 8

With around 75,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and more than 3,500 academic and administrative staff, the University of Turin (UniTo) in North-West Italy is one of the country’s largest and most prestigious universities. The University, founded in 1404, provides quality higher education and research opportunities; many UniTo graduates have achieved international renown. Today, UniTo offers 150 undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in almost every field of study. A growing number of courses are taught in English, and Italian language tuition is available for incoming students. The University’s 27 departments offer excellent opportunities for Italian and non-Italian academic staff; 4 doctoral schools provide 34 doctoral programmes. International and local funding programmes, both public and private, support the University’s commitment to innovation and research. UniTo is extremely aware of its role in the local community, and promotes transfer of research results to industry through patent licensing and spin-offs, respecting economic, social and environmental sustainability. Over 4,500 international students and more than 700 agreements with other universities worldwide enhance UniTo’s international dimension. Students and academic staff can make use of 34 libraries with over 2 million books, the Botanic Gardens, and a number of university museums; university accommodation, eating places, and sports facilities are well situated. Turin is a lively, people-oriented city, and boasts a wide variety of cultural resources: historic buildings, world-class museums and galleries, and numerous exhibitions and fairs. The city’s parks and 2 rivers together with the nearby mountains and lakes provide a great leisure environment.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

First Cycle degree courses
           Agricultural Science and Technology
           Banking, Stock Exchange and Insurance
           Business Administration
           Economics and Trade
           Food Technologies
           Forest and Environmental Sciences
           Herbal Techniques
           Viticulture and Enology Sciences
First cycle degree courses
           Archaeological, Historical and Artistic Heritage
           Archival and Library Sciences
           Audiometric Diagnostics (Professional Qualification For Audiometric Diagnostics)
           Audioprosthetic Diagnostics (Professional Qualification For Audioprosthetic Diagnostics)
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics (Professional Qualification For Technicians of  Biomedical Laboratory
           Chemistry and Chemical Technology
           Communication Sciences
           Computer Science
           Cooperation, Development and International Studies
           Drama, Art and Music Studies, Tv and New Media
           Education Sciences
           Geological Sciences
           Intercultural Communication
           Italian and European Law
           Languages and Cultures of  Asia and Africa
           Law For Company and Institutions
           Logopedics (Professional Qualification For Speech Therapists)
           Materials Science and Technology
           Modern Cultures and Literature
           Modern Languages and Literature
           Natural Sciences
           Neurophysiopathological Diagnostics (Professional Qualification For Technicians in Neurophysiopathological Diagnostics)
           Nursing (Professional Qualification For Nurses)
           Nursing (Professional Qualification For Nurses)
           Nursing (Professional Qualification For Nurses)
           Nursing (Professional Qualification For Nurses) (Valle D’Aosta)
           Obstetrics (Professional Qualification For Obstetricians)
           Optics and Optometry
           Orthoptics and Assistance in Ophthalmology (Professional Qualification For Technicians in Orthoptics and Assistance in Ophthalmology)
           Pediatric Nursing (Professional Qualification For Pediatric Nurses)
           Physiotherapy (Professional Qualification For Physiotherapy)
           Political and Social Sciences
           Prevention Techniques in Environment and Workplaces
           Production and Management For Bred and Wild Animals
           Professional Education (Professional Qualification For Professional Education)
           Professional Language Studies
           Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Professional Qualification For Technicians of  Psychiatric Rehabilitation)
           Psychological Sciences and Techniques
           Public Administration
           Public Administration and Labour Consulting
           Radiographic Diagnostics (Professional Qualification For Technicians in Radiographic Diagnostics)
           Social Service
           Therapy For Neuro and Psychomotorial Sciences For the  Evolutionary Age
           Tourism Studies
Second Cycle degree courses
           Accounting Professions
           Administration Governance
           Adult and Continuing Education Sciences
           Advanced Chemical Methods
           Agricultural Sciences
           Applied Geological Sciences
           Business Administration
           Cell and Molecular Biology
           Cinema: History, Theory, Heritage
           Clinical and Community Psychology
           Clinical, Forensic and Sports Chemistry
           Company Economics and Management
           Company Finance and Financial Markets
           Comparative Modern Culture
           Computer Science
           Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology
           Cultural Heritage Sciences
           Development, Environment and Cooperation
           Developmental and Educational Psychology
           Environmental Biology
           Environmental Chemistry
           European Legal Studies
           Evolution in Animal and Human Behaviour
           Food Sciences and Technologies
           Foreign Languages For International Communication
           Forest and Environmental Sciences
           Governance and Administration Sciences
           Historical and Documentary Sciences
           History of  Archaeological, Historical and Artistic Heritage
           Industrial Biotechnology
           Industrial Chemistry
           International Communication For Tourism
           International Management and Economics
           International Studies
           Italian Literature, Philology and Linguistics
           Labour and Organizational Psychology
           Languages and Cultures of  Asia and Africa
           Linguistic Science
           Materials Sciences
           Media Cultures and Communication
           Medical Biotechnology
           Methods For History of  Art
           Mind Sciences
           Modern Languages and Literature
           Nursing and Obstestric Sciences
           Pedagogical Sciences
           Philology, Literature and History of  Ancient Times
           Planning and Management of  Education and Training Services
           Production and Organization For Communication and Knowledge
           Public and Political Communication
           Quantitative Finance and Insurance
           Rehabilitation Sciences For Health Professions
           Social Policies and Services
           Technology and Diagnostics For Health Professions Studies
           Theatre and Stage Arts
           Zootechnical Sciences
One Long Cycle Degree Programs
           Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies
           Dentistry and Orthodontics
           Medicine and Surgery
           Medicine and Surgery
           Primary Education Sciences
           Veterinary Medicine
Graduate Programs
           American Studies
           Analysts For Cinema, Television Production and Cross-Media Communication
           Auditing, Accounting and Control
           Banking and Risk Management
           Business Administration
           Business Administration (MBA)
           Business Administration English Version (MBA)
           Clinical Research For Nursing and Midwifery
           Cloud Computing and Software Services (2-Year-Course)
           Critical Care Nursing  (2-Year-Course)
           Deglutology (Swallowing Science)
           Destination Culture- Economics and Management of  Culture
           Developmental Disorders and Learning Disabilities
           Diagnostic Cytopathology For Population Screening
           Digestive Endoscopy (2-Year-Course)
           Disease of  Gingival Mucosa Not Caused By Dental Plaque
           Endocrinology, Diabetology and Metabolism’S Diseases
           Espressive Therapy and Habilitation in Psychiatry (2-Year-Course)
           Financial Banking and Business Management (2-Year-Course)
           General Administration
           Health and Social Communication (2-Year-Course)
           Health Economics and Policy
           High Specialization For Audioprosthetists
           Hospital and Local Health Structures Management
           Information Technology and Business Process Management
           Intellectual Property
           International Crime and Justice
           International Trade Law
           It Governance and Compliance
           Labour Economics Applied To Development
           Landscape Planning and Park Design
           Management of  Development
           Management Systems and Social Responsibility
           Marketing and Communication
           Mediterranean Travels: Tourist Routes, Communication and Culture
           Methods and Technologies For Lifelong Learning. Projecting and Innovating For Knowledge Sharing (Metell)
           Mountain Science and Culture (Pro-Mont)
           Nursing Assistance in Operating Rooms
           Oral Health Development in Disadvantaged Communities and in Developing Countries (2-Year-Course)
           Organization and Coordination of  Nursing Assistance (2-Year-Course)
           Organization and Management of  Multimedia For Communication (Matec)
           Organization and Promotion of  Tourist and Cultural Services
           Palliative Medicine
           Positioning and Management of  Short – Or Long - Term Vascular Accesses
           Public Procurement Management For Sustainable Development
           Quality Management and Responsibility in A Food Company (Regia)
           Real Estate Management
           Sales Management
           Sciences and Sport For Alpine Environment: Eco-Sustainability and Safety For Sport Activities
           State-Owned Enterprises and Public Utility Management
           Supported Heterosexual Family Fostering
           Sustainable Development and Environmental Promotion
           Tax Law. Taxes, Procedures and Process Between Efficiency and Justice
           Tourism Economics, Management, Valorization and Promotion
           Tutorship Educational Sciences For Health Professions in the  Rehabilitation, Technical and Prevention Field
           World Heritage At Work
           Wound Repair and Regeneration (Vulnology)

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